Jan. 1st, 2016

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For the last two years, my sewing goals have been completely vague. This year I have am going back to a more specific list. My focus is still going to be heavier on historic sewing and lighter on modern. I have 4 dresses planned for me and at least 2 new suits for The Man, plus some kid-costumes.

Finish all the ufo sweaters
Make HB a new sweater
Jammies and everyday skirts
Winter coat
Quilt the Amy Butler quilt
My sister's WEDDING DRESS!!! (This is actually not going to be too huge a job. She is the opposite of me and has very simple taste; I am basically just making her a normal, knee-length modern dress, but in white satin. Maybe a couple fabric flowers.)

Trim the green ruffle ballgown bodice
1860s plaid separates for the HB
Summer Victorian for HB
Summer Victorian for The Girl
Sheer cotton 1870s dress
18th century summer suit for HB
Wool kirtle from the Tudor Tailor (all handsewn)
Pink cotton 1860s dress
Winter Little House dress
Winter Little House dress for The Girl
Winter Victorian wraps
Lots of accessories for everybody

Events to Attend (I will update this list as needed)
Jan 16 1870s ball
Jan 24 Victorian Ice Skating
Feb 27 LHS 1860s ball
March 20 Ladies Luncheon at Leduc
May 6-9 Costume Con Madison
June 25 18th century picnic
August 13-14 Pipestone Civil War Days
August 18-21 Tall Ships Duluth
Nov 18-20 Victorian Christmas at Stillwater Courthouse
Prep for Little House Party January 2017!!!!

And finally, the Historical Food Fortnightly! I know I pooped out halfway through the year last time, but I am excited for a new set of challenges, and if I don't finish, then I don't finish. I would also like to plan better to coordinate the cooking challenges with dress-up events, like cooking for the costumed picnic.

With The Girl going back to school in a few days, I am going to have a little more time to sew. Getting back to that focused, task-oriented mindset is not going to be easy, but I am going to try to do it. I know I can get so much done if I just start.

I still have all the same general goals as last year, too:

Attend local costume events
Accessories, shoes, and hair
Maximize sewing time
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This is seriously just me thinking out loud to myself.
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My, I'm being posty today, aren't I?

Well, I just got home from taking The Girl to the park for a little ice skating, just to get out for a little of the afternoon. It was fun but it made me realize how totally unprepared I feel for our upcoming Victorian Ice Skating event!

First off, The Girl needs outerwear. Last year she just wore her dress and hood, but it was a warm day, 30 F and no wind. I don't want to assume Fate will smile on us again. So she needs a coat, or cloak, or mantle, or something. Obvy a cloak is the easiest, and most versatile, and will fit as she grows, but a coat is warmer. We'll see.

I need new socks. All of my plain wool socks are worn thin. I have plenty of bright and crazy modern wool ones, but they certainly won't work with my Victorian things. Come to think of it, The Girl could use some new thick tights and socks as well.

We both need muffs. Because muffs.

I am fine wearing my brown wool dress and fur-trimmed capelet again, but I would like to give the skirt the same interior twill tape/hook&eye treatment I did on my little house dress so I can shorten it for skating without having to baste a tuck and rip it out later (like I did last time).

My skates need new squishy insoles. I would love to have sheepskin ones, but probably I will just cut up an old sweater and make something.
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