Feb. 11th, 2016

elizabeth_mn: (seaside)
I bought one eighth of a yard of this heavenly beaded lace fabric at work. It was $98 per yard. (!!!!) Now I am cutting the motifs apart for my sister's wedding ensemble. She wants a belt/sash thing and a veil with a decorated headpiece.

sisters lace (1)

Here it is on a blue background so you can see the motifs better.

sisters lace (2)

She pinned a few ideas that I am going to try to reproduce. I love the beaded look of this one, and the way the flowers make an overlapping cluster.

Crystal & Pearl Beaded Lace Comb

This lace is quite similar to what I have, with trailing vines.

I like that there is a headband:

This one is a little daintier and more simple. No trailing leaves or vines, just simple, round flowers.


All of these have birdcage/face veils, but she wants a veil that just falls behind, probably in a semicircular shape, and with either a plain edge or a narrow ribbon edge.
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