Sep. 19th, 2016

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The weather the past week has been wonderfully cool. I put the fluffy goose-down comforters out and got the urge to turn on the oven and bake stuff. And since the historical food fortnightly has fizzled out, I have missed doing cooking posts! So here you are. These are three things I make all the time (though usually not all in one day!).

First I made cookies. I decided to be smart and mix up a double batch so I could freeze half my dough for later.

baking 007

These are my favorite cookies ever. They give me serious Frog and Toad moments.

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Cookie recipe )
Then while those were in the oven I mixed up a batch of granola. This is a breakfast staple at my house, to eat either with milk or with plain yogurt and fruit. If you eat sweetened yogurt, this might be a little too sweet to go with.

baking 006

Granola recipe )

That was enough sweets so finally I made vegetable pasties.

baking 011

Pasty recipe, sort of )
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