Sep. 20th, 2016

elizabeth_mn: (seaside)
Last night after I posted about my sewing mojo remedy, I decided one thing I wanted/needed was to de-stash.

A woman at Treadle last year shared her de-stash idea with us: she took all of her cuts of cotton prints under a yard and made bags. Tote bags, drawstring bags, knitting project bags, whatever. Mostly she gave them away.

This works for me because I need to get rid of stuff, but some things I can't bear just tossing.

So I went through my cottons last night, and anything big enough for a bag, I cut and folded ready to sew. Most things that were too small I just pitched, except a very few extra cute pieces I might use for quilting.

About cotton prints. I mulled over this a little when I was re-doing my sewing room, but here are some more realizations/reminders:

1.) I don't actually quilt that much.

2.) Lately I have preferred to pick special new fabrics for quilts, so having a "quilting stash" doesn't really help much anyway.

3.) Cotton prints become dated SO fast. There are pieces in my bin that I have never made anything out of, yet I am already sick of them just from all the times I have pulled them out during organizing and then put them back again.

Really, I am just not allowed to stash cotton prints any more. Cotton prints are going to fall under the "only buy it if you're gonna sew it NOW" rule.

So, bags! A few will probably become knitting bags, but mostly I am going to use them as reusable gift wrap. I am sure my sister and I will pass some of them back and forth for the next ten years, but hopefully I can send some away out into the world.
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