Nov. 16th, 2016


Nov. 16th, 2016 11:37 am
elizabeth_mn: (winter)
Working on my HB's christmas sweater today.

The pattern instructions have you graft the sleeve and body stitches at the underarm. I generally hate doing Kitchener stitch and this was no exception. First I tried Maggie Righetti's directions from Knitting in Plain English. I love most of that book but the grafting directions were pure gibberish.

So then I looked up Knitty's grafting directions. Much better. I still struggled a bit because my wool yarn is very sticky and grabby, so to snug up the grafting, I had to fiddle with each stitch individually.

I used those big safety pin type stitch holders but since I didn't have enough, one section was on waste yarn. I hate doing that because the stitches shrink. I need to remember to buy a couple more holders. They are not perfect but they work.

Finally, I was a little annoyed at the pattern for not mentioning the big gaping holes you get at each end of the graft row. I knew to anticipate them, but it would have been nice to see some clever method of closing them up, or even just "sew holes closed," instead of just pretending they didn't exist. I just sewed them up kind of randomly like I always do. If anyone knows a better way, please share!

Just about 5 more inches of the yoke to knit and it's done. And I have reached the decrease section so it should go a little faster. Still, it seems like it is taking forever. Is the final stage of a knitting project always the most tedious?
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