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Since I can't find my HB's good Halloween photos, here is a knitting post instead.

I don't post as much about knitting as sewing (because the updates can be really dull) but I knit every day. In the evenings after dinner plus any time during the day I need to sit down and veg out. I try not to be too much of a couch potato, but my rule is "If you're sitting, you're knitting," so at least if I am watching TV I am still getting something done.

I have joined the sleeves and body into the yoke on my HB's new sweater. This feels like a milestone!

In the photo it looks like it's just a really short wide sweater, but the top edge is actually armpit level, and now it will be knitted up the shoulders to the neck. The yoke is shaped with short rows, which are kinda fun and break the monotony a little. It does mean I have to check off every row as I go, which can get annoying. No spacing out!

This needs to be done by christmas, but hopefully I will finish it sooner because there are a few other things I want to knit after this. I have two sweaters for me that are 75% done, and I'd like to finish them by the end of the year. One is Morning Echo, which I started in Spring 2014, and the other is much older, a sweater I made in 2009 and ripped apart a few years ago to alter the neckline. Never finished it back up!

I also want to make some mittens for myself and for the fam. You can't have too many mittens!

Another warm scarf for me would be nice, too. I have lots of scarves but really only two get worn most of the time. I guess I tend to pick bright colors I love but that don't really go with the clothes I am wearing.

I was thinking about knitting a Victorian hood but I think I just want to sew a hood instead. Faster and more wind-proof.

Date: 2016-11-04 01:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mala-14.livejournal.com
Yay! Looks great! I love the yarn.
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