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Today it is -5 F outside and tomorrow will only be colder. I have had plans to make a wooly winter hood for years, probably. We got some thick new wool doubleknits in at work and the time seemed right.

hood (13)

Preface: I tend to hate hoods generally, for a couple reasons. One, they look derpy. And two, they NEVER go over my hair. (Attention clothing manufacturers: not everyone has a buzz cut.) Reason two is also why I can't wear most hats.

Derpy you can't always avoid. The hair thing, though, I could fix.

I based my pattern on the fitted coif in The Tudor Tailor. Part of the derpiness comes from that single seam over the top of the head you usually see on hoods. It almost always crinkles up in a weird shape. The center panel in the coif pattern avoids that, plus the seams make shaping easier.

I put my hair up in my usual 'do, took a bunch of measurements, and made the pattern. Here is the mockup I came up with.

hood (1)

hood (3)

I kind of love it, just as a coif.

I fiddled a bit to make it as snug as possible around the face (the better to stop the cold wind!) and cut out my wool knit. The hood itself is self-lined for a double layer of warmth.

I was being stingy with fabric (good wool knit isn't cheap!) and only bought 3/4 yd, so I pieced the scarf section together somewhat oddly; the back-of-the-neck piece is doubled, while the extensions are simply hemmed at the edges. I made it as much on the serger as possible.

hood (6)

It covers all the hair and the shape is not too derpy! Success!

hood (9)

The seams look a little wonky from the back. Whatever.

hood (8)

I can wrap the scarf ends around my face if needed. . .

hood (18)

But I will probably just combine this with a normal scarf if it comes to that.

hood (20)

(This is me pretending to be cold. It didn't take much imagination.)

I haven't worn it outside yet, so we'll see how well it performs. I already want to make another one, with the scarf section attached next to the cheek for better face-covering. Kind of like a balaclava with a gate.

Date: 2016-12-15 08:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mala-14.livejournal.com
SO practical! And it's a lovely colour.

I've been wanting to make myself a hood for a long time because I can't go around wearing hoodies ALL the time and toques do nothing for my hair (other than make it flat and hat hair-ish). But I'm lazy, so it has yet to happen.

Date: 2016-12-15 09:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] koshka-the-cat.livejournal.com

Very clever! And practical :)

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