Jan. 13th, 2017 10:08 am
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So. . . I started a new project. Before I finished the other projects. But I have a good reason!

Seaming sweaters needs to be done on a flat surface, sitting at a table. That means I no longer had a couch project! I can't just be expected to sit there and watch TV and talk to my husband and child without knitting something! That would be absurd!

So I started this shawl.

I have been borrowing The Girl's shawl constantly, and it will be nice to have one of my own. Just for around the house and maybe at work.

The yarns are two balls of worsted-weight gradient-dyed wool that I got at the Shepherd's Harvest festival a few years ago. I started with the more true blue ball; it ranges from light denim color to teal blue to light sky blue. The second ball is much more greeny, going from dark to light turquoise. I bought them with no specific plan and I am glad to be using them finally!

The pattern is written for fingering weight yarn, but in worsted weight I will just get a bigger, thicker version, which is what I want anyway. I love the way knitted lace looks in fingering weight, but worsted will be so squishy and warm! The pattern's relatively plain-knit main section is also nice for warmth. I may increase the number of lace repeats at the edge so I can use up all my yarn, but I will either need to do math to figure this out or just live dangerously and risk having to rip out an incomplete repeat if I run short.

Date: 2017-01-13 04:35 pm (UTC)
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Such a pretty shawl design! The ombre effect is beautiful!
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