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We've been having issues with the Girl turning over her huge plastic toybox and standing on it, then (of course) falling off, so I decided to make some canvas ones. They are smaller and un-stand-on-able.

The one in front here is done, the two in back need to be topstitched and pressed.

(My good friend/co-dancer/babysitter/surrogate auntie to my kid painted the creepy-eyes girl for me for xmas.)

And the first one in action!

They are all done, finally.  I spent way too long on these.  Maybe a week, or maybe two?  They really only took a couple hours but it was spread out 15 minutes at a time.

I used a tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter  but I made mine a little bigger; I started with squares about 19" so my baskets are about 5" high and 8.5" wide.  I stiffened the canvas with heavy sew-in interfacing and put a square of Peltex just on the bottom.

My linings are a bit baggy, but otherwise I think they are so cute!  Entirely serviceable as toy boxes.

I know I promised myself I'd be quilting by now, but I really wanted to finish these, and I would like to get some skirts done as well. But I have backing, batting, thread, and a design, so when I make the time, I am ready!

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It only took me about 2 hours to make this basket today.

a couple more views )

I made it the same as my pink cookie cutter basket, but smaller.  Its base is about 6" in diameter and it's about 4" tall.  The handles are a bit lumpier than the pink basket's, but oh well.

I love that sense of completion and instant gratification that comes with simple crafts!

Now back to my regularly scheduled hoopskirt.


Mar. 6th, 2008 09:30 am
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My sister's birthday is 2 days before mine, so we always get together about a week after for dinner and cake. I managed to finish this basket I was making for her and gave it to her yesterday.

blueorange.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

It's a square-based basket, which is so much slower than a round or oval one because the square bottom must be pieced at the corners, and building up the sides is a little more picky at the corners. This is the second square one I've made. The top edge is a little wavy, which annoyed me a little, but oh well. I don't know how to prevent that happening. 

I also took a couple pictures of the pink basket I finished a couple weeks ago. I made it to store my cookie cutters, pastry bag, and other odd baking supplies in.

pinkroundbasket.jpg picture by ashamanjababu      pinkroundbasket2.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

It's just a basic round basket with the top 2 rows made into attached handles.

The technique for all of these came from the book It's A Wrap. 
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 Yesterday [profile] oboegoddessand I had a sewing day together.  I'm helping her to make an outfit to wear as a musician at the ren fest.  While she sewed her awesome pink skirt, I made a lot of progress on various projects.

I made the boning tips work!  I used two pairs of pliers, as was suggested by a few people, and a little fabric glue as well.  They don't look perfect, but I think they will hold.  I tipped all the bones and inserted them, then I made the pleats for the hem.  I had to stop then because I ran out of red thread.

feb2008005.jpg picture by ashamanjababu   feb2008004.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

I couldn't wait to see how it would look once the bones were properly shaped.  The lacing panels will offer some adjustment, but I plan to use this as a small, not-quite-Natural-Form bustle if possible.

I also worked on skirts and crafts

Altogether a very productive afternoon.  Today I really want to finish the bustle, but I can't get more thread until this afternoon, so I will probably just work on the basket and maybe enlarge some petticoat patterns.

Also, I just want to note how much I love project-hopping.  It is so nice to be able to drop something when it becomes tiresome, or too confusing, or you run out of thread, and just be able to pick something else up and keep the sewing momentum going.  I don't think I will ever be able to work on just one project at a time (not that I would want to).


Feb. 8th, 2008 09:41 am
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I haven't posted in a while because I haven't been doing any sewing.  I've been doing dull things like cleaning my house.

But I did finally manage to finish my silly little basket!


The tab opens with velcro.  It was really hard to sew the strip of trim down, so I ended up gluing it in place with Fabric Fusion, the only glue I could find that said both "permanent/washable" and "non-toxic" on it.  (I briefly considered using a hot glue gun, but since every one of them said on the label "Contains lead!  Wash hands after using!" and included info about birth defects and so on, I was inclined to not go that route.)

I also got some work in (finally!) on my red silk lobster bustle which I have been heartily ignoring for months.


I stitched the bone casings on and now I feel like I am over the hump.  Next I'll put the grommets in the back lacing panel.

I think I'm back to my To Do list.  I'm glad I took a couple weeks off to loaf and do crafty things.  Now I feel like I can come back to my costumes and regular sewing with fresh energy.
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I finished one stripe (of 2) on my cord knitting basket:

Jan2008013.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

I decided to ditch the orange fabric and just go with green for the stripes.  Mostly the reason I wanted the orange anyway was because I wanted to tie in the orange decorations, but I think they can stand alone.  It's about 9" high now and I am going for about 13".

I finished the apple cozy last night and added a ribbon tie today.  The pattern I used called for a bobble and loop, but I couldn't make the loop work the way they described, and I realized it would put too much stress on the knitting anyway.  The ribbon is simply threaded in and out around the edge, it's not stitched down.

Jan2008003.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

The A was part of the pattern.  I kept it because it's so cute and also because my sister's first name begins with A, and this is a present for her.  I used Paternayan wool for both the leaf (all 3 strands) and the embroidery (1 strand).

I also got a pic of my new couch pillows!

Jan2008012.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

Yay for productivity!
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Started my new cord knitting basket yesterday,  The base is a 4 1/2" by 10" oval.  I've sewed about 5" of the sides and now I'm waffling about the color change.  I'm using blue for my base color and bright green and orange for contrasts.  I'm still pondering my sketches to figure out how I want to do the stripes. 

I made 2 new pillows for the couch, 1 today and 1 over the weekend.  One is the bright huge floral on black (which I discovered isn't an Amy Butler print, it was just next to them, but as I don't really care about the names of my fabric's designers, it doesn't really matter anyway).  The other is in plain bright orange silk dupioni.  I had originally planned to embroider it in blue (I guess I've got an orange/blue theme going here) but decided that I didn't want to waste my time embroidering a weak fabric like dupioni (this decision came after the embroidered dupioni slippers I made a year ago completely deteriorated last month).

Yesterday I also knitted a ridiculously cute little apple cozy.  It still needs a leaf and a monogram, but it's almost done.  I started it when my sweater sleeve absolutely refused to cooperate with me and I needed to put it down before I threw it on the floor and stomped on it.

All in all, I'm enjoying taking a break from the To Do list and just doing random crafty stuff.  I think I tend to put too much pressure on myself for no reason. 

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Yesterday ended up getting a little warmer, and I went shopping. It actually only got up to around 10 degrees (above) but that's still over a 20 degree difference from when I first left the house in the morning! It felt warm. I walked with my coat open and my hat in my pocket.

As far as the loot, I went to Ikea and got this cute tablecloth set. I really wanted more orange napkins to go with, but they didn't have them, so I got white instead. I mention napkins only because I realized yesterday that I have better things to do with my life/sewing time than make plain, ordinary, boring napkins, so I ditched the sewing plans and just bought some instead.

I also wen't to Jo-Ann's and got a couple new bamboo pillow forms and a bunch of bright cotton prints. Yesterday I was looking at the cord-wrapped-bowl book (the one I used to make this and this) so I bought the cotton prints to make some more baskets. One large one to store my knitting projects in next to the couch, a smaller one for the kitchen to put cookie cutters in, and one for my sister's birthday present.

I got a yard of wonderfully loud Amy Butler huge multi floral on black cotton to make a new couch pillow (because my embroidering isn't as fast as my desire for change).

I also got an adorably modern black and white floral print for a skirt, because ever since [profile] undycatmade that cute black and white skirt, I've been wanting one!  (sidenote: I've noticed that [profile] undycatand I have been making a lot of the same projects lately.  I've decided this is simply because we are both awesome and have the best taste ever.)

I worked on the lace scarf a bit yesterday, too. I'm almost out of yarn ball #1 and I have 14 lace repeats. Almost at the halfway point!

Today I just need to go buy thread so I can start sewing my baskets! I've decided to conciously take a few days off working on my To Do list, because a.) I wasn't really working on the things on the list anyway, b.) I was stressing out about not working on them, and c.) I need some simple, instant gratification type sewing because I'm still a little wounded after the Skirt That Wouldn't Die (which I did, finally, pass along to my sister.) 
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 Weekend's progress:

Went to a fabulous little yarn shop with [profile] undycatthat I never knew existed called 3 Kittens.  They are the only place I've ever seen locally that carries wool and silk embroidery threads, and they had a huge selection!  They had lots of cool knitting yarns, too.  It's in Lilydale, which is just south of the river from St. Paul, off 35E.  It's my new favorite fiber shop!

The Loot! )

Now I'm determined to finish the squares and bars pillow so I can start something new with all my new threads!  I pulled it out and took photos of it just for the heck of it:

This weekend I also finally finished my red silk corset.

I finally got around to taking pictures of my mitten!

And I also made a little orange basket for the kitchen.

I feel so productive!  Today I still need to catch up on some mending and some more loose ends, but I'm still eager to start on a real new project.  Hopefully soon!
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I had a really nice weekend. On Saturday I made this little fabric bowl:

bluebowl1.jpg blue bowl 1 picture by ashamanjababu 

The ball on Saturday night was a really good time! I wore my wedding dress.  It was a fancy dress ball, and lots of people had really extravangant costumes!  There were lots of good dances: lots of figure dances and English country dances. I tried to advertise a bit about the Twin Cities Costumers' Guild, met another LJ friend, [profile] lmcbeth without even realizing it! (It's always a little bit awkward when someone knows who you are and you don't remember them, but I hope all is forgiven now.)  She was in a fabulously cute Venetian dress.

Sunday was loafing, mostly.  We went to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age.  I quite liked it.  I think there were a few too many open necklines, but I guess the modern movie-goer likes to see the (partially) bared bosom.  For the most part, I really enjoyed the costumes; a lot of them had a simplicity that I really like in noble costume.  I mean, it's easy to just keep on piling crap onto a dress - trim, jewels, beads, etc. - but it's harder to make a simple, plain, finely tailored dress look really regal.  When it does, though, I think the effect is much better and makes the 5,000-jewel-encrusted dress look tawdry and overdone.

Anyway, now that I've seen it I can go read everyone else's reactions.
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