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My HB and I both forgot to take our cameras to the dance, so I only have a few pictures of my dress from just before we left, and I was in such a hurry to go, I didn't notice my tail was so crooked until we got there.  (And for some reason, my man didn't say anything while he was taking the photos.)  But you get the idea!


The crooked-tailed back )

Even more unfortunately, the only picture I have of the front is this super dorky one where I am making a funny face and giving my HB a thumbs-up.

dorkiness & wing detail )

I hope that some of the other folks who were there with cameras have some pictures thay can share with me!  (hint, hint)  Actually, the more I look at these, the more I think I just need to get dressed up again and take some better photos, with me paying more attention, and in daylight.

The dance was great fun.  We had a good turnout and I think everyone had a good time.  Yay!


Oct. 31st, 2008 08:24 am
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Yay!  It's Halloween!

Finished the stupid bodice yesterday afternoon.  I don't know why it gave me so much trouble; it was such a straightforward piece, the type that usually doesn't give me any trouble.  Oh well, done now.

Today I need to:

Make some wings (quickly and crappily if need be)
Make some baked goods and punch
Burn a couple CDs
Get myself in costume and get to the Oddfellows Hall with all the crap by 8:00 for the dance!

I hope everyone else likes doing the Twist as much as I do!
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Yesterday I got my bodice together, and (of course) it seems about 1" too small in back, but whatever.  It's loking nice anyway, and with the lacing back, I can just slap a modesty panel on it and lace it with a gap.  I got the lining and sleeves put together as well.

Left to do for bodice:

sew bones in
attach lining, turn, and press
attach sleeves
insert eyelets and eyelet bones
also, make wings

Tomorrow I need to make some donuts and get the music and everything ready for the dance.

I think I can handle this.  If nothing goes too terribly wrong. 
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I finished my dragonfly tail!

Thanks for the nice comments about my antennas!  Sorry I suck at replying this week, but I'm in Frantic Sewing Mode.

Off to make wings and sleeves!

I'm a bug!

Oct. 24th, 2008 10:18 am
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They came out a little long, and I'm still playing with different ways of shaping them and placing them, but I like them so much!

a couple more )

I made them as I described earlier: a headband of buckram and millinery wire, covered with black cotton; antennae made of wire padded with wool batting (I had planned to use flannel, but I wanted something puffier) and covered with velvet ribbon. 

I put little ribbon loops on the bottom for bobby pins, but the bobby pins were hard to insert and didn't feel very secure, so I ended up using a straight pin in the center.  I'll probably use a combo of bobby pins and straight pins when I actually wear this.

I spent pretty much all afternoon sewing this by hand yesterday.  I'm glad I got something done on this costume!

I really don't feel like working on the bodice today, but I probably ought to.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 09:52 am
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Sewed the bodice mock-up yesterday, tried it on, made changes to the pattern, made the next mock-up, tried that on, and made some more notes.  I think I've figured out the issues, I just need to make more changes to the pattern and do the next mock-up to test my theories.

I also played around with wire shapes for the wings and antennae.  Oh, and I made a paper copy of the overskirt pattern I draped.  That needs another mock-up, too.

I think I'll do the next bodice mock and then work on the antennae for a while.  I'd rather get the accessories done and leave the bodice until last because I can always use a different pattern if this one doesn't work out, and if it's not going to work out I don't want to spend all my time on it.
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Not much.

Bodice mock-up cut out; overskirt mock-up made and adjusted.  I think I'm finally beating the cold, so hopefully I can get this together this week.

Haven't even begun the wings or antennae, but I did figure out how I want to construct them.  I bought some black velvet ribbon yesterday.  I plan to make a headband of buckram and millinery wire which I can pin to my hair, with the antennae made of wire padded with flannel and covered with the velvet ribbon.

Wings will be wire and some sheer glittery stuff mounted on a small square of fabric-covered buckram.  As my bodice will have a CB lacing, I will add some ties and lace them into a pair of the bodice's eyelets.

11 days to Halloween!
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Dragged myself off the couch long enough to hem the skirt.


Bias facing and machine blind hem stitch.  The facing got a little wonky, but oh well.  And the hem is a little uneven in the side back area where the bustle ends, but that usually happens on my bustle skirts.

If I get around to it, I might add a couple sets of interior ties to the petticoat to keep the fullness to the back.

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Well, like many others right now, I've got a cold.  This is throwing a wrench into my Halloween plans because I feel too yucky for intense sewing sessions and a little too woozy to lace into my corset for fittings.

I've got the skirt assembled; all it lacks is a hem.  I made the bodice pattern yesterday.  I really wanted to get the bodice together by this wednesday, but I don't want to make myself sicker by working too hard.  So we'll see.



Oct. 10th, 2008 08:51 am
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Finished the petticoat yesterday for the Halloween dress.

Plain white muslin, ruffles 6.5" deep, ripped across selvages (because I didn't want to have to hem them).  1/2" waistband, single tie of twill tape at CB.  All the panels are joined with French seams.

It's probably a little too full in the front and sides for 1880s, and I kind of feel like I am about to go square dancing when I put it on, but I just hate limp, unsupported skirts, and I imagine the weight of the sateen will calm the poofiness down a little.  Plus, ruffles are just too awesome to be resisted.

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So, for a while I've been enamored with the idea of Victorian-era fancy dress. I like how the costumes can be very intricate and interesting, but the shapes and silhouettes still look like the fashionable eveningwear of the time.

So for Halloween this year, I want to make one. The plan is a dragonfly in the style of the 1880s, bustle included.

I found a heap of great reference images on Victorian-era fancy dress at this Northstar VSA page

I've got my black striped cotton sateen, a yard of bright green silk dupioni, and a yard of bright blue dupioni in a shade which I normally would strenuously avoid but which looks great and bug-like next to the green and black.  The plan is a calf-length skirt in black striped sateen, a bodice in the green and blue silks with black sateen half-length sleeves and faux vest, and an overskirt in the green and blue silks in the shape of a dragonfly's tail.  I also plan to make a pair of wings in some sheer organza or something, with wire.  I plan to make them tiny so they won't get too much in the way of dancing, and I need to figure out some way for them to attach to the dress.  Oh, and I need some antennae as well.

Today I am making a short petticoat for over my red lobster bustle as the base of the dress.  I cut it yesterday and hopefully I'll only need one day to get it together, then I can get on with the skirt.

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