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Before I did the last-minute hat, I spent a few days on this petticoat.

treadle 004

Technically it's a class display for work, but I also just wanted a nice new petticoat. Still trying to replace some of my older, crappier costume components. And also, you always need more petticoats, period.

It's the early bustle view of TV 170, made in plain quilting cotton. I clean-finished all the seams, mostly French but I felled the CB to each side so I could carry the same finish up to the split opening. I planned to cover the horizontal seams (where the flounce and ruffle join) with binding, but ran out of time. I will add it later when I can take it home.

I like this pattern a lot; it goes together so easily and the tucks are just adorable, but it feels slightly skimpy to me for early bustle. It's displayed here over this natural form petticoat (It's all I could spare at the moment) and a bustle pad. I think next time I might make up a new side panel that's wider and gathered, to give more side fulness to the silhouette.

The waistband also seems a bit excessive to me. It's so wide! And the drawstring is really only needed in back. A tiny detail, but I like tiny details.
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I'm teaching a project class at Treadle on the Colette Moneta, a sweet little knit dress with a bunch of options. For the display, I made this (view 2):

moneta 001

I LOVE this fabric. It's a cotton/spandex jersey from Art Gallery Fabrics and it's covered with little butterflies and triangles.

moneta 004

moneta 003

This afternoon the dress will go to Treadle to display. I plan to take some nicer photos of it to promote the class!

The Moneta is a pretty nice pattern. As always with their patterns, the fit is great. There is negative ease (because it's a knit) and the proportions are nice. When I am sewing with Colette, I never need to worry about sizing down to avoid swimming in my clothes. The measurement chart is always right.

A couple little details I will change when I make it again: 1.) it's a little long in the waist. I know that's just how people are wearing things these days, but I like my waistline at my waist. 2.) The back neckline is inexplicably 1" lower than the front neckline. You can see from the photos on the pattern page that this is an intentional design detail, but I don't like it. 3.) Ditch the pockets.

I did not use my serger for this (gasp!). For the class, I don't want to make a serger a requirement, so I wanted my display to reflect conventional zigzag machine sewing. She suggests using a twin needle for hems, but I hate doing that, so they are just zigzagged also.

I turned to my trusty Sew U: Home Stretch any time I needed a reference or second opinion. Colette has their own knits book now but I haven't got around to buying it, and anyway, Sew U is pretty good, if a little dated.

moneta 007

If you (or anyone you know) are in the Twin Cities area, please check out our classes page. The Moneta class starts Oct. 3rd.
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I finished these this morning and hung the display up at work this afternoon. I spent most of the time this morning futzing with my satin stitch. I just hate doing that one.


I love the red one, and I like the idea of the yellow/multi one, but. . . it didn't cohere perfectly. The big purple eyebrow at the top looks clunky and out of place, but I needed somewhere to put my satin stitch. Also the yellow-on-yellow doesn't show up much. I knew I wanted a gold tone in there but this one was just too close to the fabric color. I used what I had around.

I do love the way the shading stitch came out, though. Funny, that stitch never looks very good until you step back from it. And I like the way the 3-part motif ended up at the bottom.


The yellow one as you can see is mounted in the hoop; the red one is sewn over a piece of foamcore board.


I am so glad I did two of them because they have such different looks. Hopefully they will attract students to take the class!
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I have a beginning embroidery class coming up, and I am stitching displays to hang in the store for promoting the class.

Still damp from blocking but you get the idea.


Stitches from top to bottom: running, wrapped running, stem, chain, back, herringbone, cross, feather, split, couching, laid filling, satin, long and short, french knots, speckling. It seems like a lot to cover, but theirs will be much smaller, and those linear stitches go pretty quickly.

I am planning a second display. One thing I have learned is that people really respond to color more than anything else, so I am making the next one in modern brights.

I also plan to display it in the hoop because that is still so hip these days.
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Our summer class schedule at work has finally arrived from the printer's!

You can see the whole thing online here: http://www.treadleyardgoods.com/classes

I am teaching two sessions of Basic Hand Sewing as well as the fascinator class.  This will be the most formal teaching I've ever done!  Wish me luck.  (Or, if you've ever been in one of my classes in the past, offer me tips on improvement.)

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