Jun. 30th, 2007 03:50 pm
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Wow, I was actually productive today.  I haven't yet finished everything on the list, but I did get a lot done and now I'm taking a break!

I biked to the fabric store and got binding fabric and washed it, I went to the brewery store and got some yeast and grain for brewing next week, I made bread, tranferred the beer, I cut out 3 of the dance overdresses, and I finished my dragonfly pillow!


Here's the full effect, with my other yucky couch pillows that need to be re-covered and the 1st quilt I ever made (it just kind of lives on the couch).
dragonfly pillow finished   

Here's a deatil shot of the legs and head, and a bit of the wings.  For the legs I sewed two passes of stem stitch on top of each other so they would be thick, but still narrow, if that makes any sense.

dragonfly legs

I think it turned out okay, but I think I used too many colors (I couldn't decide!!) and also the fabric looked really blue when I first bought it, and now it looks a drab grey.  Oh well.  It's got a dragonfly!

I still want to sew some more on those silly dance dresses before the day is done.  Maybe I'll do the jeans mock-up tomorrow.
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I finished outlining my dragonfly's wings over the weekend and today I filled them in.  

dragonfly 6 25 07

Like the sunflower in my last embroidery piece, the lattice is just laid on the surface of the fabric. I still need to make the little x stitches at the intersections to hold the threads down.  Then I need to make his legs and I might still add another green outline to the body,

I had a fitting with Ms. Teal Blue Ren Fest Costume today and the purple corset looks perfect.  I just need to put the binding on and it'll be done.  We talked about her design and I'm going to start her skirts this week and we have another fitting to do hems next week.  Moving right along! 
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I finally overcame the fear and started my stays binding yesterday.  I'm using doubled bias strips of white cotton broadcloth.  It's very nice, tight and fine.  I got it at Treadle Yard Goods. 

I had a little trouble getting it to ease around the tabs at first; the first two tabs I bound had big ugly folds in the binding, the third tab I did looked a little better, with a few smaller folds, then by the time I got to the fourth tab, I had figured out the easing and stretching idea, and I did a couple more tabs that looked okay.  I didn't want to rip the binding off the first few tabs, but it bugged me so much I did anyway.

I'm also making progress in chopping up summer dresses.  Still trying to be prodcutive!
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