Nov. 3rd, 2014 03:05 pm
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We had a blast this Halloween. The weather was freezing (literally) but we all had enough warm underlayers on, thank goodness. Ok, well, when we started out around 6:00 it was about 42, but as soon as it got dark the temp just plummeted. But F only complained about being cold when we were already on our way home, and even then, only in her left toes.

Okay, pictures. First here is Dorothy in Kansas.

Halloween 2014 001

Lots of photos! )
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You guys, it's just sad how much I love this.

glinda progress 003

I'm wearing my stealth earwarmer and I pulled half the length of my hair up into a small bun to fake the short hair.

The back has velcro and no I don't really care that some of it shows. I needed it to be adjustable for when I am not wearing the earwarmer.

glinda progress 004

Laid flat.

glinda progress 007

Here's the goofy fake-short-hair hack. Please ignore the crazy eyes.

glinda progress 005

Right now I have my hair set in bandana waves so hopefully it will look a little nicer for photos. But you get the idea.
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So far, so good.


I don't know why I was so afraid of doing this part. Either I dreaded the tedium of cutting all the stars, or I feared the synthetics would melt under the iron. Or maybe I just didn't want to be faced with the reality not being as good as the vision. Whatever, this process was much easier than I feared and I am liking the result.

The stars really do hide. I can only see a dozen but I know there must be at least 50 so far.

I really love doing progress posts but I should probably stay off the computer for the next 4 days and just sew!

Left to do:

More stars on skirt
Attach skirt to bodice
Neckline trim


Oct. 27th, 2014 11:59 am
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You guys, I was totally surprised and overwhelmed by all your kind responses to my little Dorothy costume. I know I think my daughter is adorable, but I'm the mom! I don't always expect other people to think so. Thank you!

Here's my attempt at doing the stars for real. First I printed some generic clip art stars (I really can't draw) and made some templates from a manila file folder. I fused the wonder-under to the lame' and traced around my templates on the paper side.


I cut them out, held my breath, and ironed them onto my bodice pieces.

I wasn't quite happy with how it turned out initially. Too huge and cartoony.


So I peeled off a few of the bigger stars and cut some more lame' into tiny teeny weeny stars. Acceptable.


Glinda really has the appearance of being sprinkled with big bits of glitter, so I know I had to go smaller. I even tried using a hole punch to made little circles but the hole punch just didn't want to cut the fabric. I tried to cut some tiny circles by hand but I'm not that steady. Maybe I will glue on some sequins, we'll see. At this point I just want to finish for Halloween!

So far

Oct. 22nd, 2014 02:17 pm
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The wand. Hot-glued, painted, and stuck a bunch of jewels on, at 9:30 at night after work with no plan.



I honestly can't tell if it looks like I did this while drunk and wearing mittens, but I'm gonna go with it. I wouldn't have done all the colors but that's what she has in the movie.

And with the dress so far.


And here is some of the pile of bling, old and new. At first I was just collecting and had no idea what I would put where.


I experimented to combine some of these pieces for the central bodice decoration. I think this gives the right shape. I'll sew them to a foundation before attaching to the dress.

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Glinda and Dorothy are coming along. I have been all over town (twice!) collecting bits of glittery sparkly stuff for Glinda, and I think it's almost all together. I decided to wear my red Victorian corset with it, so no new undies, but I will be making my own wand and crown, because the ones you can buy just suck. Still waffling slightly on the crown's details, but I have all the wand bits and dress stuff. I've made up a bodice pattern and it's cut out. I will sew it first, then do the silver lame' stars.

Dorothy is mostly sewn. I still need to attach the straps and make the blouse. Not much.

One of the last elements to buy was some coordinating long underwear or thermal layers for both of us. It is chilly here at Halloween and I didn't want to ruin our costumes by having to put coats on top. Now that we have this, I am much less anxious!

After all this effort I think I might drag The Girl with me to a mostly grownups post-Halloween party, just so we can dress up again!
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This morning I wanted to prioritize my sewing, so for once I told The Girl it was just too bad for her and headed to my sewing room directly after breakfast. Finished these up.

pocket hoops (2)

Yes, I am in my jammies. Please don't judge.

pocket hoops (3)

They are scaled up with no modifications from Corsets & Crinolines (once again, thank you cheap projector). Several years ago I made some very small side hoops based on the same pattern, but reduced in scale. That was a time in my costuming life before I realized that More Is More, and I was worried about making anything too big. For these ones I went full-size with no worries.

I took a tip from the J.P. Ryan pattern and sewed weights into the bottom piece. I do remember my last set of hoops riding up quite a bit, so hopefully this will prevent that.

pocket hoops (4)

And with an old petticoat (clearly not cut to go over the hoops!).

pocket hoops (6)

Clearly not as huge and awesome as the full hoopskirt, but much easier to manage on crowded streets. I am annoyed with myself for wasting all that time on the big hoop, but at least now I am back on track. This afternoon I plan to make the petticoat to go over these.
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hoop 009

I enlarged the Corsets and Crinolines pattern. I guess I figured out what my cheap crappy projector is good for!

hoop 001

And with some fabric thrown on it.

hoop 007

hoop 008

It came out very short! I am hoping full petticoats will alleviate the "waterfall" effect.

So the plan was to use this for the Glinda costume, then re-use it for a huge awesome 18th century thing. But, it's huge. Like really really enormously big. At least it feels that way to me. It does look appropriately to scale for Glinda, but I am having second thoughts about going out trick-or-treating in this. I don't want to be rude and taking up the whole sidewalk. I might feel differently if I had some kind of party to go to, but I don't. So I guess my options are:

1.) Use this huge hoop and continue with current plan.

2.) Make some pocket hoops for a more modest shape. Maybe use this hoop for something else later.

3.) Make the silhouette much narrower and use a small padded roll or my padded petticoat.

Advice, please?


Sep. 15th, 2014 08:32 am
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Ok, so here's how it went down.

The Girl, out of nowhere last April says "Mom, for Halloween, I want to be Dorothy. Can you make me a Dorothy costume?" and I say "Of course I will," but I didn't expect the next request: "Mom, if I am Dorothy, then Daddy has to be the Tin Man and you can be Glinda!"

At first I said, aw gee, I think that might be a little too complicated for me to make just for Halloween, but the thing that convinced me was the hoops. Glinda's skirt has a very 18th century silhouette, flat front and back and wide sides. "I could make hoops," thought I, "that I could then use for all kinds of awesome 18th century things!"


So I decided to do it. I did talk her into letting her dad be the Scarecrow instead of the Tin Man, because I really doubted he would wear a Tin Man costume, and anyway I didn't want to make one.

So, I have the pink shimmery organza (probably not enough but we'll see). I need to figure out how to do the silver stars. I probably will not make them as dense as the original, but I need to do some. The crown I will probably buy. The wand I can make. She is also wearing quite a bit of bling, so it will be fun sourcing that. All in all, this will be the most involved Halloween costume I have ever done.

And it might end up coming along to Costume College with me, though that was not in my head at all when I decided to make it. I thought the hoops would probably come with me, but we'll see how this turns out.

The most suprising thing is that she has stuck with this idea for months, and still wants to do it! I was so sure she would forget or change her mind.
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