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This still needs a hem.  I'm wearing it over my padded petticoat and one plain linen petticoat, and on my feet I've got the Fugawee Annas that [livejournal.com profile] undycat gave me.

curtian petticoat (6)

curtian petticoat (8)

For the fall opening/pocket slits, I placed a scrap RS together with the skirt, then stitched a narrow rectangle, slashed down the center, and turned the scrap/facing to the WS.  I used a pick stitch to edgestitch the opening and for strength I worked a buttonhole stitch around the bottom. I don't know if this is period but it sure made sense to me.

detail view )

Now, about that hem.  I've handsewn this entire ensemble so far, and I've really enjoyed it!  But for all that I am a recently converted handsewing fanatic, I haven't handsewn a skirt hem in at least, oh, um, 10 years?  I've hemmed small projects, like my cuff ruffles.  But a whole skirt? It is daunting.

The other thing I have been up to is stringing beads.  I always think this will take 10 minutes but it always ends up being over an hour before I have something I'm willing to wear out of the house.  I worked on a few projects and they are all pink.  I did not plan this.

I often have issues with necklaces because my collarbones are knobby, which makes necklaces lay funny, and I also have a sensitive throat; I can't stand anything heavy or tight over my throat or I start feeling like I can't breathe.  So sometimes the necklace lengths are awkward but they are what works for me.

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Dec. 28th, 2009 10:46 am
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I made these bead earrings for my sister a couple weeks ago. I really like making simple beaded earrings, but I almost never remember to take photos of them.

Maybe because it's so hard to get a good photo. But it's mostly for my reference anyway. Three were basically variations on a theme since I used the same 3 types of beads in all of them, and the mother-of-pearl coins were the odd ones, but the grey matches the little seed pearls in the others.

Whenever I ask my sister what she wants for a birthday or holiday, her default answer is earrings.  I have made her so many earrings by now that I really need to start documenting them so I do not repeat myself too much in future pairs.

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