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I've just got a few more days of work to do on Ms. Teal's costume, and then I'll be done.  She's already picked up the underskirt (so she could do beadwork on it) and corset, so that's two things I don't need to think about anymore.  The bodice needs lining and grommets, the overskirt needs trimmings, and the two pairs of sleeves need finishing.  I'm hoping she can come pick it up this Friday, because then she'll have it for Fest this weekend, but also because when I finish costumes for other people, I like to get them out of the house as soon as possible - I feel closure and also I don't stand there picking at them and looking for tiny errors.

I'm already knee-deep in plans for what to do when I'm finished:

1.) Finish the koi quilt for my brother-in-law.  We'll be going to visit him in Dallas in September and I want to give it to him then!

2.) Try to whip up something new to wear to the ren fest.  I think we're planning on going in about 3 weeks and I have nothing to wear!  I think I can manage somthing simple and peasanty before that, but I'm having a hard time deciding on a style. Maybe Flemish?

3.) Make a new shirt for honeybunny's ren fest costume - simple, I already have the linen, and he doesn't want ruffs or pleats or anything.

4.) Get us ready for the October VSA ball: I need to change the sleeves on my ballgown bodice, they bind too much.  HB needs new collar and cuffs for his evening shirt.  I'm thinking about making a mask, too, since this is supposed to be a masked ball, but I can never figure out how to make one work with my glasses, and I don't do contacts.  I think I'll try making my old glasses into a mask setup somehow.

I brought my baklava and my savory onion muffins to the state fair on Sunday.  I'm just bursting with anticipation to find out if I won anything!  I hope they announce it soon! 
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This morning I finished the binding on Ms. Teal's corset, so now it's done!  For the binding, I found a lovely Indian shot cotton at Treadle, with bright cherry red weft threads and royal blue warp threads, making a wonderful, multi-toned purple that really went well with the batik.  I washed all her dress fabrics this morning and this afternoon I'm going to start her skirts.

When I went to get the binding I also bought a piece of apple-green Indian cotton for my next embroidery project - one of my State Fair pieces.  I'm going to make a pillow (this has been a them lately!) with an Arts and Crafts design embroidered on it, maybe with gingko leaves, I haven't decided.  I think I'll start it in a couple days.

And the dance dress fittings went suprisingly well last night.  The style is so simple, it is only fitted at side and CB seams, so I was a little worried they would look lumpy and/or boxy, but they looked nice and everyone was happy (it may have helped that I brought some of the boozy chocolate truffles I made yesterday with me to practice!)
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I finished my dragonfly a couple days ago, and yesterday I blocked it.  Today it is dry and I'll sew the pillow.  I'll post pictures when it's done!

I tore apart a pair of my honeybunny's old jeans and made a pattern, yesterday I made alterations to it, added seam allowances, and cut it out.  I might make a mock-up today.

Yesterday I made alterations to my suit coat pattern. I took in the waist a little in back, took in the top of the front princess seam where it was gaping, trimmed the shoulder seam a little, and trimmed a little off the back part of the armhole; even after I cut off the seam allowances from the mock-up, there was still a stress wrinkle coming from that area, and the trimming helped.  I think I'm ready to cut out the actual fabric now.  I should probably do another mock-up, but I'm antsy to finish!  I doubt it will need more than little alterations now, and I can make those on the actual coat.

Yesterday I also (finally) dove in and drafted a simple pattern for the dance group's overdresses.  I'm hoping to cut and sew 3 or 4 of them today so I can do fittings at tomorrow night's practice. I have this feeling that everyone is sort of politely but impatiently waiting for me to finish.  I'm sort of scared I won't finish fast enough - I hate letting people down like that!

Today I need to bike over to Treadle for some purple cotton for corset binding.  I bought some the other day for Ms. Teal's corset, I matched it to the thread I used to topstitch the boning channels, but when I got it home I realized it really doesn't go.  It looks a lot more like MN Vikings purple than it did in the store.  (Yuck.)

So, to do today:

-sew dragonfly pillow
-parlty sew 4 dance dresses (to fitting stage)
-get purple binding fabric, wash it, cut binding
-jeans mock-up
-also, transfer dark crystal stout to secondary fermenter
-and make some bread

I'd better get started!
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