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I had her try it on yesterday and it was so goshdarned cute I just couldn't even. It's less cute on the floor, but you get the general idea.

flowergirl (1)

It's off-white cotton eyelet with a sweet, simple pattern of circles and a nice scalloped border. I underlined the bodice with light cotton lawn and lined it with the same. Just a single lining of the lawn was too sheer. The skirt will also have a lawn lining, just one layer, gathered very full.

flowergirl (2)

I used a dirndl pattern for the bodice, Burda 9509. I cut a 4 chest and a 6 length. I eliminated the darts and instead took in the side seams very slightly. I didn't want to dart the eyelet and her shape is still so girlish anyway so darts really aren't necessary.

flowergirl (3)

For the skirt I just cut plain straight panels. She wanted the dress VERY long, so I used the full width of the fabric to make a skirt about 24". On her that's about ankle length. She was kinda sad about it not going all the way to the floor but I pointed out that she does have cute shoes with flowers on them and this way everyone can see them.

Left to do:
Add skirt lining
Put in zipper (invisible)
Hand finish inside lining at waist seam and zipper

I think there is going to be a sash and some kind of fake flower crown also. And I am still looking for a tiny white wicker basket for her to carry some fresh flowers in.
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The wedding dress is coming along. Today I worked on the veil and the dress lining. Next up is hems. Then just the sash left.

The veil is the only finished thing though, so here's a peek!

veil (1)

Ignore the pin.

veil (2)

I sewed some hair clips to the underside to attach it.

veil (3)

The length is to the inside elbow, with wide rounded corners. It's the full width of the tulle (108" I think?) by about 23" length.

To make this I first made the lace assembly. I took three of my lace pieces and arranged them on a piece of buckram, then stitched them down (reattaching any loose beads as I went). Then I cut, shaped, and gathered the tulle and machined it to a piece of Peltex interfacing. I laid my lace piece over the tulle and hand stitched it down, then cut away any excess interfacing. Finally I added the clips.

If I were doing this again, I might skip the buckram step. I'm glad I did it because it gave me more time to play with the lace design before making it permanent, but the finished product doesn't really need it. And I might cover the underside with white felt before adding the clips, just to hide the stitches and make it prettier.
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I bought one eighth of a yard of this heavenly beaded lace fabric at work. It was $98 per yard. (!!!!) Now I am cutting the motifs apart for my sister's wedding ensemble. She wants a belt/sash thing and a veil with a decorated headpiece.

sisters lace (1)

Here it is on a blue background so you can see the motifs better.

sisters lace (2)

She pinned a few ideas that I am going to try to reproduce. I love the beaded look of this one, and the way the flowers make an overlapping cluster.

Crystal & Pearl Beaded Lace Comb

This lace is quite similar to what I have, with trailing vines.

I like that there is a headband:

This one is a little daintier and more simple. No trailing leaves or vines, just simple, round flowers.


All of these have birdcage/face veils, but she wants a veil that just falls behind, probably in a semicircular shape, and with either a plain edge or a narrow ribbon edge.
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This is seriously just me thinking out loud to myself.
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