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I pulled the wool out of the stash a couple days ago and cut the breeches.  Well, okay, first I made a mock-up, but the JP Ryan pattern looked good enough that I just made a couple small tweaks and it was good to go without a second mock.

The wool is a lightweight navy blue twill I got at a garage sale a few years ago.  After I washed it it got a little fuzzy, but I like the surface texture as it blurs the twill grain a bit.  Besides, I just couldn't bear not washing garage sale wool, because of the dreaded M-word*.

Since I have a limited amount of the wool, I cut as much of the "unseen" area as I could out of navy blue linen; pockets, fall lining, etc.

Yesterday I made the small welt pocket in the waistband.  Welt pockets are still not my friend.  It was a single welt, not a double, which is easier, but still.  I always get lumpy corners.  I always sew a little bit too far.  But I am living with it.

I am actually trying to be good and follow the pattern directions.  The way they are printed and stapled makes me insane; there is no logical sequence and you just have to find the right page number to go in order.  But the directions themselves make enough sense.

Hoping to make these in small spurts; I think I can get in 30-45 minutes a day, maybe an hour.  So hopefully they will be done in a couple weeks, and I can relax a little and make a new shirt before I get serious again on the coat.

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