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For the last two years, my sewing goals have been completely vague. This year I have am going back to a more specific list. My focus is still going to be heavier on historic sewing and lighter on modern. I have 4 dresses planned for me and at least 2 new suits for The Man, plus some kid-costumes.

Finish all the ufo sweaters
Make HB a new sweater
Jammies and everyday skirts
Winter coat
Quilt the Amy Butler quilt
My sister's WEDDING DRESS!!! (This is actually not going to be too huge a job. She is the opposite of me and has very simple taste; I am basically just making her a normal, knee-length modern dress, but in white satin. Maybe a couple fabric flowers.)

Trim the green ruffle ballgown bodice
1860s plaid separates for the HB
Summer Victorian for HB
Summer Victorian for The Girl
Sheer cotton 1870s dress
18th century summer suit for HB
Wool kirtle from the Tudor Tailor (all handsewn)
Pink cotton 1860s dress
Winter Little House dress
Winter Little House dress for The Girl
Winter Victorian wraps
Lots of accessories for everybody

Events to Attend (I will update this list as needed)
Jan 16 1870s ball
Jan 24 Victorian Ice Skating
Feb 27 LHS 1860s ball
March 20 Ladies Luncheon at Leduc
May 6-9 Costume Con Madison
June 25 18th century picnic
August 13-14 Pipestone Civil War Days
August 18-21 Tall Ships Duluth
Nov 18-20 Victorian Christmas at Stillwater Courthouse
Prep for Little House Party January 2017!!!!

And finally, the Historical Food Fortnightly! I know I pooped out halfway through the year last time, but I am excited for a new set of challenges, and if I don't finish, then I don't finish. I would also like to plan better to coordinate the cooking challenges with dress-up events, like cooking for the costumed picnic.

With The Girl going back to school in a few days, I am going to have a little more time to sew. Getting back to that focused, task-oriented mindset is not going to be easy, but I am going to try to do it. I know I can get so much done if I just start.

I still have all the same general goals as last year, too:

Attend local costume events
Accessories, shoes, and hair
Maximize sewing time
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The first thing I finished in 2015 was this lilac-color 1860s ballgown.

lilac ballgown 010

I made a new hat and capelet to dress up my Victorian winter look.

winter (7)

A great modern party dress that I LOVE.

pink dupioni dress 006

Read more... )

I am just writing up my list of 2016 goals, and I'll post it soon!
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Last year was the first time I set a plan of sewing goals that wasn't just an itemized list of projects. I really enjoyed keeping it more vague; I definitely lose interest if everything is already decided. So I am trying to do the same in 2015. It's not a list of projects, it's a set of goals:

- My first goal is a long-term one: build a better wardrobe for local events. I know what eras and themes I can anticipate. I just want to be able to go to events without having to make something new every time. This will definitely apply to The Man as well. This affects how I view my projects (in a good way!). If I can see each project as wardrobe building instead of just a one-off costume I don't really care about, then I will put more thought and effort into it.

- Focus on costume sewing. Any modern sewing has to be of the quick and easy variety until after costume college.

- Attend as many local events as time, money, and sanity permit. Prioritize family friendly events.

- Accessories and shoes. For serious. And hair.

- Stashbusting. Most of my stash is more oriented toward modern sewing, and I am trying to de-emphasize that this year. But any modern sewing I do should come from the stash, and I am sure I can come up with something from the silk bin for a costume dress. Smaller pieces can be mixed with something new, or can be used for little girl dresses.

- Take advantage of ANY available time for sewing. After The Girl is in bed, don't just loaf in front of the TV, spend an hour in the sewing room. Get dressed earlier, get the chores done, and sew. Stop making excuses.
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I have a lot going on for 2013, including Costume College, so I really want to make this a year of costumes.  I love doing the modern stuff, but too often it prevents me from making any costumes, and I really want to create a nice costume wardrobe that will double for coco as well as all the other events I have planned in MN.  I plan to be lame and wear my pink cupcake ballgown for the coco gala, and I want most of what I make to get worn for more than one event, too.  And I still have some modern stuff on my list, but I'm not making it my focus.

Undies & Accesories:
I really need a new set of 18th c stays (and of course I also use them for 16th c).
I would also love to have a new Victorian corset for bustle era.
Some kind of bumroll for 18th c would be useful.
A Regency corset nd related undies for a couple events in autumn.
Bags and hats are things I often overlook, so I at least need one of each for the picnic.

Costumes for me:
First, the Curtain-Along dress; I plan to make the little 1780s jacket from Costume Close-Up and a matching petticoat.  I want to hand-sew as much of this as I can.
A printed bustle dress is a must.  I am thinking 1880s but only if I can find a variation on the ubiquitous high, choking collar.  Otherwise 70s.
I know I need a Regency ensemble for autumn.
I would love to do a striped silk anglaise, but I think this may be the first one to get cut if I am short on time.
For a display for work this spring, I need to make a 16th c bodice & skirt.

Costumes for the fam:
Regency suit for the HB
An 18th c suit for the HB for our spring picnic
If neither of those works for him to wear for a coco gala suit, I'll make something else, I know not what.
F needs a 18th c picnic dress (I have a madder-red block printed cotton set aside for this) and a new ren fest costume.

Cotton dresses for summer - will I ever feel I have enough of these? Probably not.
Skirts, as always.
A wool coat for winter - I have a lovely piece of Melton just waiting for this.
A couple vests for my man.
Jammies, as usual.  This will never end.

And then there's:
A whole new set of dresses for my dance group.  Omg, I am seriously considering backing out of this one, or delaying it for a while.  I was really excited for us to have new costumes, but I just can't face adding 13 dresses to this list.  I really don't care if I get the work or not; even though the group pays me for sewing, I don't really need the money desperately, I just wanted the group to look better.  So maybe I will work it out so I don't start them until September, so we have them for St. Patrick's Day 2014.  That's a long way off, but I don't want to make myself go crazy.

I am sure other little things will come up, but I am trying to stay focused.  Finishing the pink cupcake dress and having it turn out okay was a huge boost for me, so I feel motivated for some new challenges!
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Or, What I Sewed.

I made a lot of sewing time for myself in 2012, because I decided that something that makes me so happy and fulfilled should be a priority.  Of course, I didn’t get nearly so much done as I would have liked, and they are really quite different things than I planned, but I sewed a few nice things.

In more-or-less chronological order )

I really got into doing more handsewing this year.  I did a lot of eyelets, buttonholes, and finishing work by hand and I am loving it.

I also moved into a couple new roles at work.  I started teaching sewing classes and writing the store blog.  Both of these things have been amazing and incredibly fulfilling.

I choreographed a new dance for Mooncoin, my ceili group, and we also had a ton of performances this year.  Moving into the new practice space has been great for the group.              

I haven’t made my huge ambitious 2013 list yet, but I’m excited to start planning!

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I have a hugely ambitious list for this year.

Our Victorian Society here is now the Historical Recreation Society, and I'd like to get back into doing their events. I'm thinking they will do some kind of picnic this summer, and I also want something new for next year's 12th Night Ball. And I'd like to finally take F to the Ren Fest here, so she and my man need something to wear.

I want to really round out my modern everyday wardrobe. I am sick of standing in front of my closet and staring at the heaps of lovely clothes that don't go with any of the other lovely clothes. So blouses and a few more skirts, some dresses. Since we now have a reliable babysitter, I also need at least one new nice date outfit.

The knitting list isn't too bad. Finish two in-progress sweaters, try to start a third, a couple lace projects, and a few small things.

And crafts, well, there's the quilt, and I really need a new purse or 3. Really!

I'm putting a star next to the ones that are most important to me.

18th c suit for HB
Ren fest suit for HB *
Ren fest dress for F *
Stays *
Bustle ballgown - for Jan. 2013's 12th Night Ball
1860s dress - for over that hoop I made ages ago
Halloween *

spring/fall jacket
blouses - printed lawn, silk/cotton *
jumper dresses - plain linen, wool
housedresses - some fabrics I've been eyeing at Treadle (robots, Amy Butler, rayons) and stash *
aprons *
F summer dresses *
F t-shirts
F winter coat (2012-13 winter)
HB shirts - button-down for summer/fall

stripe sweater - started this a week or two ago *
HB eco pullover - Currently 1/3 done, abandoned a couple years ago *
Citron - Shepherd's Harvest yarn!
HB hats - requested
lace gift scarves - hmmm, maybe, maybe not
F winter set
winter cardigan
spring scarf
lace triangle shawl - maybe AeRang *

dance bag *
purse *
quilt the quilt *
button strip
Holiday decorations - Spring, Halloween, solstice/christmas

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I feel like I got a lot done this year, but I can’t even remember what I was doing last January, it seems so long ago.  I would love to do photos for everything or even just link back to all the posts, but that's just way too time-consuming for me right now, so I'll just throw in a few of my favorites.  When you put most of your sewing time into quick modern and crafty projects instead of big costumes, you end up with more projects total, so much more to tally!

I did almost everything on last year's list, but then I wasn't very ambitious. Most everything is under my finished tag, or you can check out photos on my Flickr if so inclined.

By type of thing, and then sort-of chronologically:

I only did two costume events, but I made new stuff for both myself and the girl for each.
Renoir dress, F’s pink striped Victorian - we had a lovely spring picnic with these
Printed Caraco, F’s open gown - I am so glad we got to meet up with the DFWCG to wear these!
I also made Halloween costumes for each of us - an owl for her and a tree for me

I made a lot of modern stuff!
Two dresses with knits
Batik dress
Curtain dress
Corduroy jumper
Skirts, too many to remember them all, mostly in linens
Colette shirt for HB
Teapot apron
F’s aprons
About 12 pairs of jammies

I also squeezed in a lot of knitting
I made 2 sweaters, Scarlow and Whisper
I knitted 4 scarves, Coquille, Peacock, and two from Victorian Lace Today.
Made mittens for HB and F

Crafts and things
Appliqué and embroidery hangings
I sewed a quilt top (which still needs to be quilted)
Made F a doll from Wee Wonderfuls
Christmas ornaments
I also just finished a quilt block for the Shop Hop quilt for work. You can see the completed quilt at Treadle during the 2012 shop hop.

I did so much this year, and not just sewing.  I am amazed at how much my little girl has grown over the past year, and how different my life is.  It's been amazing and I am excited for 2012!
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I feel like refreshing my project list, even though there aren't too many changes.  Mostly I am firming up some of my ideas - moving them from 'maybe' to 'definitely' and adding vague deadlines.  It's looking like I will actually have a couple opportunities to wear costume this year!

In process

Spring quilt - I am still waffling over fabric choices.  I have two possible background fabrics and I am going to make one block with each to see if I like either.  I am becoming less and less excited about this.  I am not sure how I ended up with this quilt plan.  It was probably a mistake to start with a pattern instead of a fabric, but I still want to make this.  Want to finish by April.

Whisper cardigan - I finished one sleeve.  The sweater is sized by the back measurement, but even the smallest size seemed too big to me.  Either I am measuring wrong or there's just way more positive ease than I like.  I'm just going to try it on as I go.  Want it done by April/May.

Coming up

Victorian Day dresses - The details on these are getting narrowed down, finally.  I don't want to do F's too soon, though, for fear it may not fit her any more by the event.  So probably March/April for mine, May for hers.

Modern spring/summer stuff - A couple dresses, hats, a couple shirts, skirts, maybe some pants.  I should probably make some of these in advance of the season just to get them out of the way, but won't need them until May/June.

Ren Fest costumes - My orange dress still works, but HB and F need something.  I'd like a new hat for me, and a white cap.  Maybe a new shift.  For September.

18th century something for everybody - It's looking about 70% likely we will be timing family travel with a costume event this fall.  HB has the linen suit, but I'd like to make him something different.  I have my riding habit, but I'd really like a printed gown.  And F has nothing.  Need them by November.

Oh, and knitting, too

Basic pullover - I want to use some yummy Spud & Chloe yarn in a plain pullover for me.  Whenever.

Hubby sweater - He wears his Retrograde every day.  Seriously.  The man needs more sweaters!  Hopefully by next December.

I spend so much time sitting in nervous indecision with projects.  I really need to try to maximize my time and do less worrying, more sewing!
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. . . and knitting, crafting, etc.

First, I want to finish my two current projects, Coquille and the appliquéd embroidery hangings.  Getting close!

Then what?

A new quilt - I bought the fabrics for this at Treadle the other day at their year-end sale.  I spent way too much, but I haven't made a quilt from all nice new fabrics in a while and I thought it would be fun.  The pattern is from the book Material Obsession.

Victorian day outfits for the Girl and me - because we really need to do at least one dress-up event next summer or I am just going to cry.

Whisper Cardigan - the sweater that's next in line when I finish my Coquille scarf.

Summer dresses - for me and F.  Simple, modern, maybe some with knits.  Maybe a Duro, (here also) something I've been wanting to do for a while.

Sun hats for me and F - fabrics for her, and I want to experiment with straw cloth for me.

If I can make the time, I'd also love to do:

Pants - I really need these and I've been talking about them forever.

Ren fest costumes - for husband and Girl.

A sweater for me

Start another sweater for HB

Holiday ornaments - for next winter. Probably mostly knitted.

But if I don't get to the last few, I won't be heartbroken.
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I had so much going on this past year in my life; I can't even begin to get into it.  So many changes, most for the better.  I've really started to get more sewing and crafting time in the past few months, and I think I am putting it to good use.  I feel so much more productive than in years past.  I am really cherishing my very limited creative time and trying to squeeze everything I can out of every minute. 

Last year's goals were mostly achieved; even though I changed some plans I think I exceeded my own expectations!

The photo-list )

It is not exhaustive; I left out a lot of little things. These are the big projects and the ones I really liked. There were a lot of things I wanted to get to this year but couldn't, but I think I did a lot and I am satisfied.
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Looking back at last year's goals, it seems like I actually did most of the things on the list, yay! And I can also say that most of what I didn't do were things I purposely put on hold because I was pregnant; I didn't just lose track of them or get too lazy.

I have a lot of knitting in mind for the coming year, since it's something I can do while hanging out with F. I also have some practical sewing on my list. Not much costume, unfortunately, but I doubt I will be able to do many costume events until F is just a little older.

Kernel lace scarf - In progress
Hat for HB in blue fingering-weight cotton - In progress
Heather hoodie vest - Bought the yarn for this last fall.
Legwarmers - to wear at dance practice, mostly.
Mittens for HB - Probably fingerless gloves with a mitten flap.

Cotton dresses - that I put off last summer. Next summer will most likely see the end of nursing for me and F, so nursing-compatible clothes will no longer be an issue.
Modern pants - Now that I have that great new pants book, I want to copy my thrifted pants.
F Halloween costume - Not sure what yet, but hopefully I can think of something cute.
Winter dresses - Wool, maybe corduroy.
Winter coat - Because my current coat, that I made a few years ago, looks like a bathrobe.

Amy Butler's Weekender Bag - Bought the pattern for this ages ago and I want to finally make it for a little trip we have in April.
Crewel hanging - for F's room
Mending kit - for my sister. I already started this; it's going to be a little cloth wallet with pockets and I did a little embroidery for the outside.
Hats - for everyday and historical wear. I just feel the need to have more hats!
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I didn't quite get to everything on last year's list, but I think I was pretty productive.

Sewing accomplishments 2008

Costume Projects
Red Silk Lobster Bustle
The Linen Victorian suit for my HB was a tailoring accomplishment, for me.
18th c side hoops
18th c riding habit a.k.a. pirate dress.
The Bustle dragonfly dress was probably my favorite costume of the year.
Pink hoopskirt
Green silk Victorian corset (for my friend Christy, and I didn’t get photos)

Embroidery & Knitting
My first sweater, the Blue Bulky Bolero, is a little loose, and I think I want to re-knit the waist area to include more shaping.
Green lace scarf (I heart knitting lace!)
The knitted lobster was my first knitted toy!
Then the Knitted sheep, Knitted chicken/egg , and Capacitor & resistor follwed.
Knitted apple cozy
Not sure if the 18th c crewel pocket goes with 'embroidery' or 'costume.'
Appliqued bird purse
Orange cabled mittens

Modern Clothes, Small Projects, & Crafts
Blue Plaid Bias Skirt
Blue silk cocktail dress
Cotton skirts and shirts
A bunch of
cord/fabric baskets
felt robot
batik quilt
A couple shirts for the HB
4 pairs of jeans and two pairs of corduroy pants for my HB, which I will probably never be able to get a photo of.

Goals for 2009

Cartoon costume for the TCCG event
Petticoat for over the new hoop 
Ren fest costume for HB
hat for orange linen 1560s dres
cotton 1770s jacket and petticoat
Front-lacing 16th c corset

pants for everyday, which I want to draft a pattern for
Wool embroidered skirt
summer dresses, mostly the ones I planned and bought fabric for last year but never got around to making
Dance dress set
Winter coat

Knitting & Crafts
finish green alpaca cardigan
re-knit bolero waist
Start a sweater for my husband
Mohair lace scarf/shawl
Start another winter sweater
Log Cabin quilt

A couple more things

Looking back at all my old entries for the past year makes me feel so thankful for my wonderful, supportive friends-list, and for the online sewing, costume, and craft communites in general.  Thanks, everyone!  You all make this hobby so much more fun.

And now, a short list of things I want to remind myself I never need to do or make.  Most of these I've done in the past, and I've decided it was a waste of effort.  Think of this as a list of sewing and crafting anti-resolutions.

Table linens
Bed linens
Any custom work which does not meet my requirements
Other people's mending (this one is certainly not new)
Anything which is no fun and can be bought easier, cheaper, and of the same quality as homemade

Because life is just too short, and I want to use my time better!

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Everybody's giving their year-end costume tally, and I've been thinking about mine for a week, so here we go.  Almost all of these can be found in my tags list if anyone is interested in seeing photos (or seeing them again).

Sewing accomplishments 2007

Big Projects

11 Ceili Dance Dresses (with capes and overdresses)
Koi Quilt
Blue Linen 1770s Stays
Orange Linen Ren Fest Dress (and poufy petticoat, silk peeticoat, and sleeves)
Red SIlk Victorian Corset
Star Wars Print Victorian Corset
Ms. Teal Ren Fest Costume (Corset, Underskirt, Skirt, Bodice, Sleeves)

Embroidery & Knitting

2 Pairs of Mittens
2 Hats
Crewel on Plaid pillow
Dragonfly pillow
Arts and Crafts/Squares and Bars pillow
Tree Purse

Small Projects, Modern Clothes, & Crafts

Red Raw Silk New Look Dress
A Bunch of Summer Skirts
A Bunch of Wool Skirts
A Bunch of Jammies
2 Wool Vests for HB
Jeans for HB
Corduroy Pants for HB
2 Aprons
Victorian Combination Undies
3 Knitting Needle Cases
Fabric Baskets
Hatpin Holder
Little Fabric Boxes

I feel like I accomplished a lot.  I did a lot of embroidery, I made lots of practical, cute, everyday clothes, and I got a few fabulous costume pieces in as well.

Sewing Plans 2008

Finish these in-progress projects

Red Silk Lobster Bustle
Natural Form Petticoats
Blue Plaid Bias Skirt
Red Wool Crepe Teens-ish Skirt (seriously, this is like The Skirt That Won't Die)
Bulky Bolero Sweater

New Big Plans

1700s Suit for HB
1700s dress (I still haven't narrowed down the decade or the style, but probably a polonaise)
Sheer Cotton Natural Form Day Dress
New 1870s for HB (Plaid Pants!!)
New Ren Fest Costume for HB (Pluderhosen, I hope)
Log Cabin Quilt (Light/Dark Barn Raising setting)
Spring (modern) Coat for HB
A Bunch of New, Modern Clothes for HB and Me
New Victorian Ballgown
Knit Another Sweater

This will probably all change, but I'm excited about new projects!
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