Sep. 10th, 2007 11:08 am
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  Despite missing the fest yesterday, I got dressed up and my husband took some quick photos.

The sleeve buttons are still pinned on with button pins, but otherwise, it's done:

orangeren012.jpg finished F picture by ashamanjababu

The last couple days of sewing it were a little hard.  I kept thinking, "wasn't this supposed to be a quick-and-dirty project?  Wasn't this supposed to be a simple, entirely machine-sewn little something to run around the fest in?"  Somewhere around hour 3 of hand sewing the facings down to finish the edges, at 5:00 on Saturday afternoon, I thought I should have just made a bagged lining.  But I'm glad I didn't, I hate bagged linings, and anyway, now I'm done!

I'm very happy with the way it turned out! The shoulder straps were trying to slide a little, the front of the skirt isn't pleated quite right and folds a little weird, and I should probably have a couple more shoulder tabs, but those things are all minor and since I've decided it's done, they will just have to be ignored forever.  

The thing that bugs me the most is that I have nothing for my head.  I'm thinking about making a simple little white linen cap before we go to fest.  Just something quick and easy, but then again, I said that about the dress, and ended up doing a bunch of little extras I didn't plan on.  Either way, I really hope to wear it this year.
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Ouch )

Before that, I hemmed the red silk underskirt.  I used the machine blind hem stitch and I think it looks pretty nice.  I haven't done anything else for the dress today besides look at my notes and contemplate stuff.  I'm kind of bummed now, though, so maybe I will do some of the finish work tomorrow.  We're planning on going to the fest on Sunday so technically I have one more day to finish.

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 Yesterday's progress: Not much.  I was feeling lazy.  I added the ties to the sleeves, put the gaurds on the bodice, and made the strip to cut into looped tabs for the bodice shoulders (contrast-fabric-trimmed, self-lined).  I also fiddled with the pleats on the skirt a bit, because the front wasn't really opening the way I wanted it to, it kept drifting closed.  I sewed the new pleats in place, then I re-marked the hem and trimmed all the excess.

So I still have most of yesterday's to do list to finish, and this is my last day to really work on the dress.  Hopefully that will be a motivation!

I still need to go to the bead store to get some toggle closures so I can sew the loop end to the bodice to thread the sleeve ties through.  (Nobody around here seems to sell such a thing as lacing rings.)  I also want to get a new basket in which to carry my things around the fest.

Oh, and yesterday I asked my honeybunny how he liked my dress so far, and he said something like "it's really nice! . . .  Can I have new outfit next year?"  which I had been hinting at, but I like it when he shows an interest in costume.    Hopefully I can get him into something stylish and poofy!
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Still held together with pins, but it's looking like a dress!

orangeren006.jpg F 9 6 07 picture by ashamanjababu

Things left to do:

Hem everything : Underskirt, overskirt

Finish bodice: gaurds, hooks/eyes, attach skirt, finish edges (bias binding), sleeve tie loops, tabs on shoulders if time

Sleeves: attach ties, buttons/holes, hem ends.

I think I can manage that in a day and a half.

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 Yesterday I finished my padded petticoat:

Yesterday I also cut my bodice, sewed the main seams, and added the boning (just a few pieces of 1/4" steel), then I sewed the skirt panels (plain rectangles) and knife pleated them to fit, then sewed the pleats in place.  

I haven't yet attached the skirt to the bodice, though.  I'm still not sure which is the best way.

Today I hope to make the underskirt and get the gaurds on the bodice.  I think I'll also measure the skirt hem, and if I do, then I'll take pictures of the dress itself.
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 On Sunday I went out to S.R. Harris with [profile] undycatto get some fabric for the new little thing I'm making for the ren fest this weekend.  I picked up about 5 yards of a nice darkish-orange linen.  I waffled for a long time about coordinating fabrics, and even stopped by Treadle and bought a yard of red silk dupioni that I later decided not to use.  Finally I decided to find something that was closer to the orange color to use for gaurds - I just picked up a piece of a bit darker orange cotton for that at Jo-Ann's.  I decided to use some red/black changeable silk taffeta I have in the stash to make an underskirt and sleeves.  I hope they don't look too fancy-shiny against the plain linen.  

I think the color combination I finally settled on will be the most versatile.  Without a strong red in the dress, I can pair it with other colors, like green, in the future.  And I'll be able to use the red underskirt/sleeves for other dresses, too.

I tried out the idea of a roped petticoat last week, but it came out so horrid that I don't even want to look at it now; it's hanging, half-finished, from the clothesline in the basement.  After I gave up on that, I sulked for half an hour, then tried on all my normal petticoats and some old skirts and decided that the skirts looked perfect that way.  I spent yesterday making a padded petticoat to wear with the new dress.  It's plain white cotton broadcloth done in cartridge pleats with a layer of cotton batting in the pleats.  I'm doing the front in unpadded knife pleats.  I think it's going to come out a bit shorter than I expected, because the padded cartridge pleats really drew up a lot of length.  I think it will have the desired effect, though, and this way I won't have to pad the pleats of the dress.

Yesterday I also drafted a bodice and sleeve pattern, loosely based on some in Patterns of Fashion.  The bodice is a bit wrong; my side back seam is more vertical than it ought to be, but oh well.  I cut mock-ups, fitted them, made tiny changes, and now I'm ready to go!

Today I hope to cut and sew the bodice, pleat the skirt, and finish the petticoat.

Here's a question for anyone:  When I attach the bodice and skirt, is it better to a.) sew the raw edges together, turn seam allowances to the inside, and cover them with a binding, or b.) finish both edges first, then whipstitch them together?
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After I finished the water background, I started cutting out rocks and weeds and arranging them on the quilt.  I had such fun using the rotary cutter freehand to cut out the long, wavy weeds.  I haven't stitched anything down yet, I'm going to cut out the fish and arrange everything first, so I know where it is supposed to be.  A bit less random, this part, than the water piecing.  I'll probably take a couple photos of it, then take everything off again, then start sewing it down, using the photos to remind me where to put things.  I'm hoping to get a good chunk of that done today.

I've also become completely posessed with the idea of having something new to wear to the Ren Fest this year.  I tried to be sensible about it, but the idea will just not leave my mind.  I found myself starting to work on it yesterday without even thinking about it.

It'll have to be a quick-and-dirty job since we're planning on going next weekend, but I think I can pull something together in a week.  I made up a simple little sketch based on some of the pictures in Norris's Tudor Costume and Fashion and on a couple of the women in the painting Fete at Bermondsey.  I already have a chemise and partlet that, if not fantastic, will do.  I have a nice petticoat that never sees the light of day and would be nice to use.  I have a corset that will do, even if it's not perfectly correct.  And I have a hat that also, if a little odd, will do.

So I'm just going to need the dress, a bodice and skirt, attached, with split front, minimal trims, and a little corded petticoat (or maybe I should say a roped petticoat).  I cut out the petticoat yesterday from some horrid maroon cotton I had laying around, and I'll do the channels in some yucky off-white grosgrain that for some reason I have a ton of. It sounds ugly as hell, so I hope no one ever sees it, but I just hope it is functional.  Honestly, though, if the corded petti doesn't wok out, I will not be too upset to just have limp skirts for a day.  And since this is for a ren fest costume, I'm not worrying too much about perfect accuracy. There will be machine stitching everywhere!  And a million other cheats, too, I'm sure.

I went back and forth on the idea of a bumroll.  Finally I decided to just make a small one yesterday, but when I tried it on with my petticoat, it looked really stupid and sticky-outy, so now I'm back to no-bumroll.  I'll probably pad the pleats on the skirts, though, for fullness.

I still have to get the fabric for it, but in the meantime I'll enlarge patterns and make mock-ups.  Oh, and work on the koi quilt, of course.
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