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I finished my coat last week and I’ve been waiting to get a picture of it. Finally caught my HB while there was still some daylight left and dragged him outside to take pictures.

The hem came out a little wonky and the collar needs some fiddling to stand up nicely. The sleeves may be a little too tight for a bulky sweater underneath. And while I love the printed lining, I am reminded once again why RTW coats use that horrible-feeling polyester satiny crap: it’s very easy to get the coat on and off if the lining slides. My cotton lining works, but it is a little sticky by comparison.

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Other than minor complaints, I like it very much. It is fitted, bright, and very warm.  It's certainly a huge improvement over the last coat I made (the bathrobe).  The wooly mesh interlining I used worked beautifully; I totally recommend it.
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I made my coat mock-up the other day and it was HUGE. I was quite surprised; I know Big 3 patterns tend to run large, but the pattern description says 'semi-fitted,' and I measured at eaxctly the size I cut, and still it was a potato sack.

I guess I should have checked all the finished garment measures before choosing a size, but they always hide it on the pattern piece instead of putting it in the instructions like any rational person would do.

There was about 7-10 inches of ease in bust, waist, and hip of the coat. 10 inches! In what world is that any kind of fitted, semi or otherwise?

So I re-checked the finished garment measures and cut the pattern down 4 whole sizes. I also lowered the sleeve cap because anything over about 5.5" really bugs me (can't lift my arms!) and this one was almost 8".

Haven't cut the new mock yet but I thought I'd share my fabrics.

Orange wool, printed cotton sateen lining, and wool/rayon mesh interlining (for warmth; got this at Treadle at it looks awesome. They had Thinsulate, too, but it was a bit too bulky.).

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