Sep. 19th, 2007 01:47 pm
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I finished the koi quilt last week. Here it is!

finishedkoiquilt006.jpg koi quilt and me 2 picture by ashamanjababu 

quilt detail photos ) 

I finished my little knitted hat a couple days ago. It still needs a button and I need to weave in the yarn ends, but the knitting part is done!

bluehat001.jpg blue hat 1 picture by ashamanjababu 

I look way dorkier than the woman in the pattern, but of course, that's to be expected.

more hat photos ) 
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I finally started doing the quilting on the koi quilt yesterday.  I went against everyone's good advice and used the border I had originally planned.  This was for a couple reasons: 1.) I'm poor and lazy and didn't want to get any more new fabric for this project, 2.) my husband said he liked the border, and 3.) I decided I liked it that way, too! Sorry, all.

I'm using the free-motion quilting foot with the feed teeth dropped.  I quilted the water with wavy lines and made concentric echo lines on the rocks, and followed the wavy lines for the weeds.  I decided to leave the fish plain, with just a line of quilting around the edge.  I thought about doing scales, but I think they are too small to do a whole lot of detail, and a little bit of detail would make them look more cartoonish.  I wanted them to look a bit more abstract.  I'm going to quilt the border with wide, random stippling.  I think I only have about 3 hours of work left on it, so I hope I finish it today! 

I've been so eager to work on my knitting the past few weeks.  Right now I'm a few rows past the halfway point of my hat.  The weather is turning wonderfully lovely and cold here and it will be so nice to have something to wear on my cold ears when winter comes.

I took this a couple weeks ago, I've done about twice this amount now.  I don't have time right now to take a current photo, but I wanted to show my pretty yarns and how the blue looks knitted up:

hatandyarn.jpg hat and yarn picture by ashamanjababu  hatprogress9607.jpg hat progress 9 6 07 picture by ashamanjababu


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Ok, everyone, I need some help and opinions please!  The border: yes or no?

border.jpg koi quilt top w/ border fabric picture by ashamanjababu     

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Here it is:

koiquilttopfinished.jpg koi quilt top 8 30 07 picture by ashamanjababu

I think the fish might look just a bit too cartoonish, but I like them anyway!  They'll get a bit more detail when I do the quilting.  I had such fun making them - it isn't often that I get to cut out bright orange happy fish and sew them to things! (Maybe I should change that.)  I used little scraps of Wonder-Under fusible web to fix the appliques in place before I sewed them.  I was worried they would shift and get wrinkly if I just pinned them, especially the weeds.  

Now I'm debating whether or not to add the border.  After I figure that out, it's on to quilting!  

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After I finished the water background, I started cutting out rocks and weeds and arranging them on the quilt.  I had such fun using the rotary cutter freehand to cut out the long, wavy weeds.  I haven't stitched anything down yet, I'm going to cut out the fish and arrange everything first, so I know where it is supposed to be.  A bit less random, this part, than the water piecing.  I'll probably take a couple photos of it, then take everything off again, then start sewing it down, using the photos to remind me where to put things.  I'm hoping to get a good chunk of that done today.

I've also become completely posessed with the idea of having something new to wear to the Ren Fest this year.  I tried to be sensible about it, but the idea will just not leave my mind.  I found myself starting to work on it yesterday without even thinking about it.

It'll have to be a quick-and-dirty job since we're planning on going next weekend, but I think I can pull something together in a week.  I made up a simple little sketch based on some of the pictures in Norris's Tudor Costume and Fashion and on a couple of the women in the painting Fete at Bermondsey.  I already have a chemise and partlet that, if not fantastic, will do.  I have a nice petticoat that never sees the light of day and would be nice to use.  I have a corset that will do, even if it's not perfectly correct.  And I have a hat that also, if a little odd, will do.

So I'm just going to need the dress, a bodice and skirt, attached, with split front, minimal trims, and a little corded petticoat (or maybe I should say a roped petticoat).  I cut out the petticoat yesterday from some horrid maroon cotton I had laying around, and I'll do the channels in some yucky off-white grosgrain that for some reason I have a ton of. It sounds ugly as hell, so I hope no one ever sees it, but I just hope it is functional.  Honestly, though, if the corded petti doesn't wok out, I will not be too upset to just have limp skirts for a day.  And since this is for a ren fest costume, I'm not worrying too much about perfect accuracy. There will be machine stitching everywhere!  And a million other cheats, too, I'm sure.

I went back and forth on the idea of a bumroll.  Finally I decided to just make a small one yesterday, but when I tried it on with my petticoat, it looked really stupid and sticky-outy, so now I'm back to no-bumroll.  I'll probably pad the pleats on the skirts, though, for fullness.

I still have to get the fabric for it, but in the meantime I'll enlarge patterns and make mock-ups.  Oh, and work on the koi quilt, of course.
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newaugust07018.jpg koi quilt background picture by ashamanjababu

It needs to be ironed and trimmed, then I can start on the rocks and weeds and fish!

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I managed to work for a couple hours on the koi quilt yesterday!

koiquiltbackground82907.jpg koi quilt 8 29 07 picture by ashamanjababu

I think it's coming along pretty nicely, but I wonder, does it look enough like water?

I was overwhelmed with the desire to knit again the other day. I think it was a direct effect of having gone to the State Fair and petting the sheep, and burying my hands in their lovely wool. After that, I just kept thinking "I need to touch wool!! Now!!"

For a few years, I've been trying to figure out a way to keep my head warm in winter and still wear my hair in the big bun. I saw this knitting pattern at a few months ago. It's actually really cute and not dorky looking (like winter headbands often are.) I like the button and the crescent shape.

Anyway, I went out to a couple local yarn shops and got two skeins of the most heavenly soft, hand-dyed merino, malabrigo worsted kettle-dyed.  It has a really gentle twist and is very subtly varegated.  I got the shocking pink and a blue one, I can't remember now but I think it was either the jewel blue or the indigo.  I did a gauge swatch the day I got them, and now I am really excited to dive into knitting!  I'm knitting at 5 sts/inch so I think it'll go pretty fast.  The only things I am waiting for are 1.) I want to save some of this project for my Dallas trip, and 2.) a knitting friend is coming over Saturday to help me walk through the pattern. (It's pretty simple, but I always get hopelessly lost at any mention of "front of work" or "back of work"; I can honestly never tell which is which.)  I hope she can show me how to make a nice cast on for ribbing, too.

The hat is pretty small, so I'm hoping I will have enough leftover yarn for a pair of mittens.

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After a few false starts over the past few days (taking all the fabric out, not knowing what to do with it, putting it away and taking the sketching paper back out, deciding to applique everying, not having any background fabric, finding and pre-washing some background fabric, still not knowing what to do, back to sketchpad, etc.) I finally began on the koi-fish quilt.

I drew a simple sketch, my idea is a random, flowing, blue watery background, some koi swimming around, and some rocks and long, tangled weeds on the edges. I started by randomly rotary-cutting some pieces of my blue water fabrics into gentle wavy curves, then applied them to a plain muslin foundation, overlapping them and zig-zagging the raw edges.

koi quilt 6 20 07

There's a bit more contrast between the three shades than I really wanted, but I think they look nice anyway. I think when I apply the other elements, they will seem to blend a bit more. 

The whole quilt will only be about 40"x48"; it'll be a wall hanging. 

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I started workng on my modern suit yesterday.  I finished the skirt, just a simple straight skirt with darts and an inivsible zipper (yay!). I used the same pattern I've been using for skirts for the past couple months so all my fitting issues were already taken care of.  I hemmed it with the machine blind hem stitch, which I only discovered about a year ago, but I love love love.  I don't know how I went through life without it before!

Today I'm working on the coat mockup and on finding pictures of koi fish for my quilt project, so I can copy shapes and details.  I think I might need to go to the local fancy quilting fabric shop to get some more koi-colored fabrics.
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