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Did I really forget to post completed photos of this?

I finished it a couple weeks ago, and I love it.  I put finished photos on my Ravelry, but I guess I just forgot to blog it because, as far as projects go, it seemed like such a non-event.  I've done this type of lace before, and even though I thoroughly enjoyed both the process and the product, it wasn't challenging enough to consider A Big Long-Term Project.

Whatever, I love it.  

As usual, all the notes about pattern, yarn, needle size, etc. are on my Ravelry page.
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Thanks for the nice comments on my scarf!  I hit the halfway point this afternoon: 18 repeats.  I rewarded myself with a new book purchase. Or two.

Plus, I checked my Ravelry page for this project, and I've only been at it for two weeks!  I guess it seems like so much longer because I had to wait forever for the needles to arrive, and all that time all I could think about was knitting it.

It's a fun knit, but since I've gotten to the point where I've pretty much memorized the chart, I'm not sorry it's halfway over.

new scarf

Jul. 13th, 2011 03:46 pm
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The new scarf in progress:

It’s the Peacock Tail and Leaf from the book Knitted Lace of Estonia.

I’ve made it narrower; more a scarf and less a shawl. The pattern called for 7 repeats of the edging pattern and 4 of the main pattern in each row. I’ve decreased that to 5 and 3, respectively.

I’m liking it a lot, but I do wish the edging had called for the nice tidy slipped-stitch edge that the main body has. I’m not doing it over, but it would have been a nice refinement. I’m just going to tell myself that not having the uniform slipped stitch is authentically Estonian so I can feel okay about it.

I’m using my lovely All For Love of Yarn from Shepherd’s Harvest, which you can buy at her Etsy shop, but please know the colors are way more amazing in real life.

The pattern calls for 32 repeats of the main body chart. I am shooting for 36, or until I run out of yarn, making my scarf about 60”. Currently I’m at 14. When I get to 18 reps, halfway, I’m going to buy the book I need for my next project, Victorian Lace Today, which I checked out from the library a month ago and decided I NEED.

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