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Pictures of the finished Coquille.  It makes a cute little scarf.  I blocked it gently and pinched up the gussets so that the ruffled edge wouldn’t go entirely flat.

Mostly I am just wrapping it like a straight scarf, but I’m playing around with how much to spread it out vs. how much to scrunch it up.  I might do it over my shoulders with a shawl pin in front at some point.

Of course, in practice, I will probably just throw it on any old way as I am running out the door!

Scrunched up.

More photos! )

I’m surprised it was so quick to make!  I feel like I just started it a month ago, but really it’s probably been more like 3.
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I finished the Coquille and it just needs blocking.  I'm pretty happy with it.  It is difficult to accept the weird color changes in the yarn, though; it doesn't seem to follow any repeating pattern.  Just when I thought it did, the sequence seemed to mirror-image and go back the other way, leaving a huge streak of one color in middle.  All 3 skeins I bought are like that, so it's probably not a manufacturing flaw.

Also, I think I need to play around with it after blocking to get the best idea of how to wear it.  I've never owned a shawlette before; do I just treat it like a scarf or should I wrap my shoulders like a shawl and just deal with it looking really tiny?  We'll see.

So I went on to the next thing: Whisper.  I swatched on a #7 and once I block the swatch I can probably dive into the knitting.  Which is good, because I've been project-less for two days and I am getting antsy.
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 I have two projects going right now.

Coquille, the little mini mochi shawlette, which I am halfway through.  I picked up a mod idea on Ravelry to keep the corners symmetrical, which is worked at the halfway point, changing the place where you begin decreasing.  I'm decreasing now and I've just joined the 2nd ball of yarn.  The colors are still flowing pretty well, but it bugs me a little that there is no discernible pattern to the color changes.

 Applique embroidery hangings - anyone remember these?  The urn is more or less done, but I may go back and add some more details later.  I've been working on the tree all week.  All the little fruits are now outlined and I am filling in the trunk and branches.  I don't know why I gave up on these.  I guess I just had more exciting stuff going on.  It took me a couple days to get back into the rhythm of this, but now I am enjoying it a lot.

When these are done, I have a few new plans for big exciting projects!  I really want to tie up all my loose ends first, though.  There are actually several things I am eager to work on, but I will try to keep it to only one or two at a time so I don't get overwhelmed.
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Progress on the shawlette.  I am loving the colors of the mini mochi, even though it felt like that brown streak went on forever.  Now it’s transitioning to purple and then back to red and orange; a nice balance, I think.

I’ve finished the second section with the medium-sized gussets and I am just starting the first large gusset.  So I guess I have done about 20% of it.

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Progress on the Retrograde:

All crunched up at the bottom because I like to use a relatively short circular needle.  But it's looking like a sweater!

I also started Coquille, in Mini Mochi.  This is probably the first time I have actually used the suggested yarn for a pattern.

The yarn has a warm spectrum of orange, rust, russet, and a little straw-gold; a cool spectrum of greens from olive to forest; and a little purple in the transitions.  Not really as much blue as the photos seem to show.  So far I am really liking the gradual fade.  Curious to see how it looks when the rows get longer.

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