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The weather in the past week has been cool enough some days to necessitate scarf-wearing, so I tried out my new green lace.  I'm really rather in love with it, it is so comfy and cute.  

Anyway, I thought it looked so much better being worn than just thrown across the dresser, so I had to take some photos.  And since I'm loafing anyway. . .


I'm playing with different ways of wearing it.  I like it best with the one end thrown over the shoulder.

Super fun scarf enjoyment!

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Before yesterday's. . . incident, I managed to get this scarf blocked. Now it's done and ready to wear, just in time for the weather being too warm to wear it!

I soaked it in tepid water with a little Dr. Bronner's unscented soap, rinsed it, and rolled it in a towel.

I spread it out on an old, clean sheet on the floor in a part of my house that has carpeting. (The greatest benefit of having carpeting: pins stick in it.)

I stretched the scarf out and used just about every pin I own to pin it in place, measuring at intervals to make sure it was even.

This morning it was dry so I unpinned it (slowly and clumsily on account of my stupid thumb) and took photos.

It's very nice and open and drapey.

Here's what it looked like before blocking, for comparison:

Dense and lumpy!

The pattern I used for this is Branching Out from Knitty.  The yarn is Grace wool/silk in Moss green and I used US sz 8 needles. 

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The best thing about knitting is that you can put it down for ages, then pick it up and work a few rows, then put it down again.  it's such a perfect in-between-times activity.

I went with my HB to the Alliance for Sustainability conference yesterday, and I brought my green lace scarf with me.  I made a small cheat sheet of my pattern (this would probably have been simpler if I worked from charts, but I don't) and I knitted several repeats of the pattern.  It was nice to have something to do with my hands while listening to the lectures.

I've got almost 27 repeats completed now, and not much yarn left.  My goal was 30, or until the yarn runs out.  Today I plan to work another repeat or maybe two, then work the border and bind off.  I plan to block the crap out of this thing so the lace pattern opens up as much as possible.  

It's getting pretty warm outside but I think I will be able to wear it at least a couple times before the hot weather comes.
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I (cautiously, timidly) picked up my blue bulky bolero sweater yesterday afternoon, to try once again to pick up the underarm stitches for the left sleeve.  This time, I measured across the entire length where the stitches need to be picked up, then divided that length by the number of spaces bewteen stiches to figure out how far apart to space each stitch.  I measured to the center and placed a thread loop to mark.  I measured half a space from that thread loop on either side and placed a thread mark.  Then I carefully measured each space out from those, and placed another thread loop to mark where each stitch should go, until there were 5 on each side of the center mark.  I double-checked the spacing and they were all even.

I wove in the end of a new ball of yarn along the cast-on edge, then took my crochet hook and picked up a stitch at each thread loop.  I was very careful to place each new stitch the right distance in from the edge to avoid a funny hole.  I knit a few rounds and started the sleeve decreases.  I knew I wouldn't be able to see the pick-up row properly until I had knitted a few rows away from it.

And. . . I think it worked.  I don't want to get to excited yet, just in case, but the weird holes that kept happening before are not appearing now; there are two tiny ones on either side where the sleeve increase line meets the pick-up row, but this is also on the other sleeve, and it's barely noticable.  It is in the underarm, after all.  I can deal with tiny holes there, just not giant, weird, irregular ones. I suppose I can always sew up any holes that do appear with wool embroidery floss.

I've knitted 3 inches of sleeve now, and I'm going to keep going.  I hope it comes out okay, I really don't want to have to rip out again.  I started this sweater in the beginning of last January (it seems like so much longer ago) and I put it down at the end of January when I hit trouble.  If all goes well, the sleeve should only take about a week for me to finish, then I just need to attach 1 button and it's done.  Altogether, about a month and a half is not bad to knit a bulky sweater, for me at least!

Also, I am up to 22 repeats on the green lace scarf now.  My goal is still around 30.  
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I joined in my 2nd ball of yarn on the lace scarf yesterday afternoon (using this technique, which is a new one to me, this being the 2nd time I've used it, but I think I am liking it better than my old method, which was to hold the old yarn and the new yarn together, knit a few stitches with both, then drop the old, and weave in the ends later) which means I am now halfway done! I've got 16 repeats of the lace pattern done. I was going for 30, but now I think I'll just work until the yarn runs out. 
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Yesterday I added another 5 inches or so to my sweater sleeve, now it is a bit longer than elbow-length.  I finished all the decreases and now the sleeve continues plain until the end, where there's a garter stitich border.  I just got to the end of my 5th ball of yarn out of 8, so I suppose I can say I'm a bit more than 5/8 done, since I anticipate needing only half the last ball.

It's looking really nice!  The gauge is relatively loose and the sweater is coming out very soft, light, and drapey.

I've also done a couple more repeats on my lace scarf. I think I'm up to 8 now.  My goal is to have about 30 repeats, but I'll have to check the length and such as I go.

I still have the long drawn out lobster bustle on the agenda.  Depending on how it comes out, I might plan on wearing it for the TCCG Historical Underwear Party.  I'm torn between doing 1870s and 1770s.  Either way, I'm also adding an embroidered pocket to my future plans list; if I go with 1770s for the party, it would be a perfect accessory.

Today's plans, though, are mostly mundane sewing.  I need some new handkerchiefs and there's a bit of mending to do.  (Boring but necessary.)  If I do it fast I'll try to get the boning channels all stitched for the bustle.


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My smartie HB solved my computer issues, so I can post pictures again, yay!

I finished the body of the bolero sweater and I've done 7 repeats of the lace pattern on the scarf.

Photos!! )

I'm really enjoying both of these projects and I'm completely ignoring all of my To Do lists and sewing projects.  

Today, though, I hope to actually, finally, cut my shift out and make a new pair of wool felt slippers.  I'm planning on making beer today also, and I think I'll work on the bolero sleeve while I watch the wort pot.  I just want to get the sleeve started so I can work on it later while I am watching a movie and not have to fuss with picking up new stitches.

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My computer is having a problem so I can't post pictures today, but I've been ever so productive!

The blue bolero is now about 11" in length (finished length is 15") and the I divided off the sleeve stitches a couple inches ago. I think I'll have the body done really soon, then I can pick up the sleeves.

I just couldn't wait to try out the pattern for the aforementioned lace scarf, so I began it yesterday. It's so neat! The pattern is just intricate enough; if it were any more complex I think I might be lost. It's a ten-row repeat (really 5 rows with purling every other row). It took me about an hour to begin the edge and complete one repeat. Then later I did another repeat, which took about half an hour. It looks really pretty, not quite as hole-y as I was expecting, but I like it anyway.

It does require concentration; I certainly couldn't do this one while watching a movie! It was nice, later, to work on the bolero again when I was watching a video, it seemed so simple and soothing! I think I'll probably continue both projects at the same time. The bolero will continue to be my evening project, and I'll work on the lace when I have some quiet time during the day.

Also yesterday, because I am a total nerd, I made a new pencil cup from a can, using this one as an inspiration. Yes, I think it's really cool. Besides, I really needed a new pencil cup!
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I got gauge for the sweater and started it last weekend. I've made a lot of progress! I'm at the point in the sweater where the sleeve stitches are about to be divided off. Then the body is knitted, then later the sleeve stitches are picked back up and knitted.

Here's the top of the sleeve:

bluebolerosweaterJan12008001.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

I love the way those increases look! A new technique for me; knitting in the front and back of the loop. I don't know why it confused me for so long, because it's really simple and I like it. (And you can see it doesn't take much to get me excited, kniting-wise.)

And this is the front neckline. The garter stitch edge on the right is the CF.

bluebolerosweaterJan12008002.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

I'm really enjoying wokring on this (despite the fact that circular needles really annoy me) so much in fact that I'm having a hard time working on anything else.

And I'm getting ahead of myself with plans, too. When I'm done with the sweater, I want to knit this lace scarf in this silk/wool yarn in green, which I picked up on an impulse at Borealis Yarns yesterday. I also got some plain red wool (Casacde) to make this ridiculously adorable lobster.
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