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Shoe snobs, you may look away for a moment.

Okay. I'm waffling. Two pairs of almost identical boots, but I can only keep one. These are meant to be fake regency style for me. I know neither quite does it, but I'm cheap.

The only differences: color (slight) and one is a little softer than the other (the little bit darker one). The softer/darker one closes a bit more tightly around my ankle, but also looks a little scrunchier.



Is there a winner, or do I just close my eyes and point?


Jan. 19th, 2013 11:33 am
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I finally splurged (or rather, my husband splurged for me) on some J.P. Ryan patterns.  Breeches and frock coat for the man, and the Anglaise for me. I guess not having a project = shopping.

It's a little frustrating that they come single-size; who on earth actually matches up to the size chart?  I guess I am spoiled by the flexibility of multi-size patterns and the ability to blend between sizes.  Still, the reviews are good, and my two attempts at 18th c coats for him have been crap less than ideal, so hopefully a pattern will take some of the guesswork out.  Ditto for the Anglaise; I know I could enlarge one from PoF, but It's more complex than anything I've enlarged.

I have some navy blue wool for the HB's suit, a yard sale find.  I also need buttons (or button forms), shirt and vest fabric, maybe some trim, and some new stockings.  Oh, and an inexpensive tricorn might be nice, too.  The timeline for this is our 18th c picnic in May/June.  


Jan. 16th, 2013 05:06 pm
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I'm thinking about buying a Uniquely You dressform.  Here's where I try to justify it:

I had a lot of trouble with the draping aspects of the Pink Cupcake dress (as in, draping the swags of fabric, not the draping method of creating a pattern, as opposed to flat drafting) that I think would have been greatly helped with a dressform.

A lot of people seem to think that a form will solve all their fitting issues, and I realize this is not the case, but there are a lot of other uses!  Placing trims, adjusting hems, visualizing designs, and possibly some construction (like setting a sleeve from the right side) as well as, of course, displaying a finished product, are all things a form could help with. 

Why Uniquely You?  Well, a foam form is more adjustable and it's corset-able.  I liked Fabulous Fit but this one is way cheaper.  I feel comfortable with hacking it up or adding more padding if necessary.

I read several reviews; most helpful were here and here.  

Any thoughts?  Does anyone have a form they love or hate, and what do you use it for?
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