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pillowfinished2dec2007.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

pillowfinisheddec2007.jpg picture by ashamanjababu 

It's competely done now and I am totally in love with it.  The cover zips up the side with an invisible zipper.

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dec2007002.jpg picture by ashamanjababu 

I did end up outlining the crescents, because it just bugged me way too much not to, with all the other blue parts outlined.

dec2007005.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

I think my satin stitching is improving!  Mostly thanks to a new crewel book I got that described how to angle your stitches for the best effect.  It really helped me with control and keeping my shapes tidy.

Today I'll sew the pillow.  And since I'm still waiting for ribbon swatch cards to continue my skirt projects, after that I'm going to start my new embroidery piece!  Yay!

Also, winter is happening here and it's beautiful.  We got about 4" of snow and I had a great time playing in it and shoveling all weekend.  I love winter!
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I think I've effectively managed to put a handful of my current projects on hold, because I'm waiting for the arrival of the ribbon swatch cards from JKM.  So I haven't been doing much besides embroidering.

I had really hoped to be finished with the embroidery piece earlier this week, but either I'm really slow, or embroidery just takes a long time, because I'm still not done.  I think if I am determined, I can finish it today.  I have 1 bar, 4 little squares, 1 big square, 2 crescents, and 3 dots left to do.  That's not much considering how much I've already done!

I did manage to put a couple pairs of earrings together for my sister, but I'm dumb and I didn't photo them, I was too eager to wrap them up.  

Oh, one more good-news thing!  My honeybunny has decided that he doesn't want me to make him a Victorian tailcoat, instead he wants a 1700s suit!  Isn't that great!  I was so dreading the tailcoat, and I'm so much more interested in trying a new era for him.  We talked about all his upcoming projects the other day, more on that next time I make a longer post about sewing plans.


Nov. 27th, 2007 08:37 am
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 Well, I haven't made too much progress on last week's goals, but I did make a little.

1.) I finished the apron for my sister.

nov2007002.jpg dots apron F picture by ashamanjababu

Next up:

Make bead earrings (for myself and for sister-presents)
Work on squares and bars pillow

Rest of week
Blue plaid bias skirt (I will overcome my fear of bias and do this!!)
Red lobster bustle
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 I spent about 3 hours yesterday working on my current emrboidery project, only to find, when I was done, that I had been working in the wrong color all that time! (argh!)  I just picked up the first green I saw in the thread box, and it was a very close shade, but not the same.  I ripped it all out.

This morning, I found the right shade, and did some more work on the piece:

pillow112007002.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

(the colors look weird today and I could not make them look right; the background fabric is really much more green.)

Today I hope to fill in some more of the blue areas.  I did one of the crescents (in satin stitch - kind of nervewracking).  Now I wonder if I ought to outline the crescents in black since the squares and bars are?


Nov. 1st, 2007 08:31 am
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 I've got half of the bars filled in with green in chain stitch.

squarespillow11107001.jpg squares bars 11 1 07 picture by ashamanjababu

I think this piece would have looked nice done all in satin stitch, but I really hate doing satin stitch and it takes forever.  I love doing chain stitch, though.  I haven't yet decided whether to do the blue squares in chain or satin.  I think the crescents and dots will have to be satin, though.

Decisions, decisions. . .

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Yesterday, I picked up the emroidery piece I had done the outlining on, finished the remaining outlining, and finally (finally!!) started the fill.  After I'd been working the fill color for 20 minutes or so, I realized I was using the wrong color, at least according to my original plan.

I looked at it and thought about it, though, and I like the new way much better than the original way.

I feel like I am over the hump with with project, and I'm actually looking forward to working on it!
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 Weekend's progress:

Went to a fabulous little yarn shop with [profile] undycatthat I never knew existed called 3 Kittens.  They are the only place I've ever seen locally that carries wool and silk embroidery threads, and they had a huge selection!  They had lots of cool knitting yarns, too.  It's in Lilydale, which is just south of the river from St. Paul, off 35E.  It's my new favorite fiber shop!

The Loot! )

Now I'm determined to finish the squares and bars pillow so I can start something new with all my new threads!  I pulled it out and took photos of it just for the heck of it:

This weekend I also finally finished my red silk corset.

I finally got around to taking pictures of my mitten!

And I also made a little orange basket for the kitchen.

I feel so productive!  Today I still need to catch up on some mending and some more loose ends, but I'm still eager to start on a real new project.  Hopefully soon!
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