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I finished it this morning (then I promptly went out to buy yarn for the next thing, but that's another subject altogether). I've got more details in my Ravelry notebook (like the stitch counts for the waist shaping I added).

I really like it! It's so comfy and just the right amount of warm.

For reference, the pattern is Big Montana Tunic from the Fall 2009 issue of Interweave Knits and I used Cascade 128 bulky wool.
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I finished the armhole ribbing on both sides. Now I just need to knit the cowl.

I don't know why these photos ended up so bright and overexposed, but these days I have better things (or at least more urgent things) to do with my time than take pretty photos (which I'm not very good at anyway, so it always takes me 30 photos to get one good one).

front view )
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I sewed the shoulders of my montana tunic and did the ribbing on one armhole.

You can really see the shaping I added in this photo, although the color looks kind of crappy. The ribbing took me about half an hour so I'll probably do the other one tomorrow afternoon. I ended up using a single strand of Paternayan embroidery wool to sew the shoulder seams.

I've done a little over 3 repeats on my lace scarf. It's been so nice working with fingering weight after this bulky sweater. It felt a little clumsy going back to the sz 11 needles.
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