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Pictures of the completed Retrograde .

The sleeves came out long, even though I measured them against a store-boughten sweater that my man assured me fits him perfectly. The yarn really stretched when blocking; it just seemed to exhale and relax itself out. But he doesn’t mind cuffing them, and I won’t mind shortening them in the future if the need arises.

More photos and notes )

This was a journey, and I think I learned a lot. That’s probably the best thing I can say about any project.
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I just bound off the last stitch of the Retrograde and wove in all the ends.  It's done.

I feel kind of dazed.  It would not be an exaggeration to say this sweater has been a bit of an obsession for me for the past several months, and I am having a hard time believing it's finished.

I have 3 partial skeins left, totaling exactly 50 grams, the size of a full skein.  Which means I could have gotten away with using 1 less skein, but I'd have had more ends to weave.  Since the sweater is meant to be reversible, I tried to avoid any extra yarn ends.

I think I will wait until Monday to block it so that my HB will be at work and therefore not ruin the surprise, if it still is a surprise (I hope it is!). 


Dec. 13th, 2010 02:02 pm
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Quick knitting pic. I finished the body, hooray! This thing is a beast. It doesn’t show in the photos how huge it is. If this were for me, it would be a dress. But that’s what I get for knitting a sweater for my large, long-torso-ed husband who likes to wear his clothes baggy.

Now just 1/2 a sleeve left. I picked the stitches back up from the holder and now I am all ready to go!
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I got bored of knitting the sweater body and started on the sleeves.

I'm knitting in scrap yarn on each decrease row so I don't have to take notes or count to make each sleeve the same.  Yay laziness!

I almost ran out of yarn, so I wanted to make the join of a possible new dye lot in the same place on each sleeve.  Of 3 skeins, I knitted one on one sleeve and then put the stitches on a holder and started the other sleeve.

Good news: When I ordered 3 more skeins from KnitPicks, I requested the dye lot I already had and they had it and sent it to me! I was worried for a few days that the new yarn wouldn’t match.
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Progress on the Retrograde:

All crunched up at the bottom because I like to use a relatively short circular needle.  But it's looking like a sweater!

I also started Coquille, in Mini Mochi.  This is probably the first time I have actually used the suggested yarn for a pattern.

The yarn has a warm spectrum of orange, rust, russet, and a little straw-gold; a cool spectrum of greens from olive to forest; and a little purple in the transitions.  Not really as much blue as the photos seem to show.  So far I am really liking the gradual fade.  Curious to see how it looks when the rows get longer.

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Well, when I thought everybody was well, I was wrong.  HB's cold stuck around for another week.  Now, finally, everyone in the house is actually well (maybe?).

I cut the bias strips for all the coasters; I'm making them from coiled, fabric-wrapped clothesline like these baskets.  I got 1/2 yard each of 3 fabrics in the same print, different colors.  I made a few coasters in the first color, but when I switched fabrics, I saw I had cut the strips in the wrong direction, so instead of a little swirl of short stripes, I got long, non-swirly stripes going down the length of the rope.  Not pretty.  So I'm putting the wrong-cut ones away for something else and just using the one color to make more coasters.

I spent a little time on them when HB was hanging out with the girl, and I also plopped the girl in her playpen and wheeled it over to the sewing room to work on them one day when I was feeling particularly bored with stack-up-blocks-and-knock-them-over games.

I also pulled out my Retrograde sweater and began the last cable round.  I put it away when F figured out how to climb on the couch on her own a few weeks ago, because I figured she would get into the basket and unravel it.  But now that the yoke's almost done, I can consider it a TV knitting project and maybe I will put more time into it.  Annual Gift Day is going to come faster than I probably realize.

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Sweater so far.  Pattern is meant to be reversible, but I couldn't find any photos of the knit side on Ravelry or Interweave.  Now I know why.  The knit side is boring. It just looks like slightly disturbed ribs.  The purl side is looking pretty cool, though.


I just started my 3rd skien of 11.  This yarn is really not dirty-mouse-gray, it's a lovely olive green.  I'm just not taking good pictures today (but when do I ever?).
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I started my next sweater, Retrograde, last week and I am now about 1.25 balls of yarn (of 11) into it.  It's a top-down round-yoke pullover and it has some interesting cabling which I am enjoying.

The sweater is designed to be reversible, so I am trying to hide my ends neatly.  The yarn is a superwash, so spit-splicing wouldn't work (and I have never had much luck doing that anyway).  When I joined the second ball of yarn, I made a Russain join, but it was hard to make it hold and the very ends made little tufts anyway.  But it was the best I could do, and a few rows later, I went back and sewed down the tiny tufts with a single ply of the yarn (it has 4 plies) that I pulled from a scrap end. It looks almost invisible, certainly better than leaving it alone, and now I plan to sew down the ends on all the upcoming joins with a single ply.

I've also been working on my applique pieces.  I've almost finalized the layout of the tree piece and I have put a couple hours of stitching into the urn piece.  I fused the shapes with paper-backed adhesive web and I am stitching them down with little stitches and all-purpose sewing thread.  Then I'm outlining the shapes with matching pearl cotton in a backstitch.  So far it is looking really nice.


Jun. 24th, 2010 08:16 am
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Yesterday I got a box from Knit Picks! I bought 2 skeins of Gloss lace (in peapod) and 11 skeins of Swish worsted (lemongrass).

What will they become?  The Whisper cardigan and Retrograde pullover, repectively.  I'll probably start the Retrograde first. The Swish is not quite bulky enough for the gauge, but lots of people on Ravelry used it, so I will make it work somehow.  I want to finish it for an Annual Gift Day present for my man.

As for the Whisper, I really wanted to do it in blue, but there wasn't a blue I liked in the Gloss, and I couldn't resist this yarn, it's so pretty, got good reviews, and it makes my project cost less than $10.  So green it is. 

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