Sep. 18th, 2011 07:10 am
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This poor sweater has been sitting in the project bin for months now, waiting to have its zipper sewn in, a task of which I was frankly terrified. It was a process to make it look even halfway decent, but after that the pockets took 15 minutes each and it was done!

The man approves.

back and side views )

It's good to be able to cross that off my list! Phew!
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Knitting is done, just seaming left!  That collar nearly finished me, but seeing it all nicely laid out to block is inspiring.  Just a deep breath and I can get ready for a few days of finishing.


Jul. 1st, 2011 01:08 pm
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Scarlow is nearly done.  I finished the collar yesterday.  Instead of giving it a tight bind-off and then folding and sewing it down, as the pattern suggested, I folded it and grafted the live stitches to the pick-up row.  It's stretchy but secure.  If it gets warped and loose over time, I can always rip it our and re-do, or perhaps crochet-chain a stabilizing row along the base of the collar.

A new scarf, the Peacock Tail and Leaf from the modern Estonian Lace book is up next, with my fancy yarn from Shepherd's Harvest.  I ordered a set of Brittany sz. 3 needles last week because not one single yarn store in the area had a wood #3, and they are taking for-ev-er to arrive.  I am becoming ridiculously obsessed with checking the porch for the mail.  Until they arrive, I am basically twiddling my thumbs and working on dull filler projects.

I've also picked up my Spring Quilt again, though it is definitely no longer spring.  I put it aside to finish the picnic dresses a couple months ago.  Now I have all the blocks sewn and I'm assembling them with the sashing.  Once the top is done, I will probably set it aside again and quilt it this winter, when I have less going on.
After that, it's more costume-y stuff, yay!
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Scarlow collar!

This is a little more than half.  Just above the last brown section, there is a purl ridge for folding.  Now I am knitting the inside half of the collar.

I am not really enjoying this colorwork thing so much.  I guess the collar looks okay, but it seems like a lot of fuss for a not-very-awesome design.  For this much work, it should be amazing, but it's just sort of okay.  

The fact that it is ribbing makes it so much more annoying to knit.  Switching colors every two stitches is bad enough, but then having to also bring yarns back to front or front to back?  Ugh.

I am starting to see why so many people only like doing Fair Isle and other stranded colorwork in the round.  On my WS rows, it's really tedious having to carry the colors on the side facing me; much easier to always have them behind.  Hence steeking, I suppose.
Only 12 rows left, then pockets and seaming!  Yeah! 

rib swatch

Jun. 17th, 2011 12:20 pm
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Made a little swatch of the two-color ribbing yesterday.  Please ignore the messy top and bottom borders.

Yes, I know it's very little.  I was trying not to overwhelm myself!

I am really not ready to teach myself to knit left-handed, so to manage the two yarns, I wrapped both around my pinky (as I normally would) and carried only the working yarn over my index finger.  When I switched, I just dropped one and scooped up the other.  It worked pretty well.

The back doesn't actually look as bad as I anticipated.  The swatch is stretchy, not too tight, but neither are the floats super loose and messy.  At the ends, where the last contrast-color stitch was, I wrapped the two yarns together to avoid a gap.

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to bring the new color under or over the old color.  I don't think it matters now, as long as I am consistent (I wasn't in my swatch!).  I think I can take a deep breath and try to start the collar now.
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 I finished knitting the Scarlow yoke already.  It went a bit quicker than I anticipated, and now the only thing left is the scary hard part: the two-color corrugated ribbing, which involves stranding yarns.  I've never done stranded colorwork before.  I'm going to try a swatch, but then. . .?  I am really hoping it is one of those things that just looks really scary and is actually not that hard.  Like cables.  But maybe I will chicken out for a day or two and just knit pickles.
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I've been continuing to work on this, even when I was making the picnic dresses.  I finished both sleeves, both fronts, and the back, and have joined them into the yoke on a 29" needle.  

Phew!  The first two rows of the yoke, with all 5 pieces, were so heavy and awkward.  It's a little more manageable now that they're all securely joined, but still huge.  The sweater doesn't fit in my knitting basket any more.

I also finished both side panels.

Left to knit: yoke, collar, pockets.  Then a bit of seaming.  Yay!

I really love having so many different creative areas.  I'm so glad I am not the kind of person who only does one thing.  Even though the mono-focus is the best way to get really good at something, it seems so dull.

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Two fronts and a back. All are 5/1 rib with garter stitch edges.

I also started the striped side panel using the multicolored Mochi Plus.

There’s something so primal and rustic about garter stitch. I love the way it’s looking, except that the Mochi is really a thick-and-thin yarn, and some of the thinner spots show in the knitting. Also it’s a bit irritating the way the color sequence randomly starts mirroring in places. There’s green in there somewhere, but I haven’t hit it yet.
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Just a quick photo - I started my Scarlow this week.

I'm about 2/3 done with the back panel. The 5/1 ribbing is actually not tedious; it is, in fact, fun.  I am having a hard time putting this one down.

Oops, the granola is beeping!  Gotta dash!
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