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(Also posted to [profile] tccostumers.)

An advance notice: the Twin Cities Costumers' Guild plans to host a Halloween Dance!  We've just gotten confirmation on the space; the St. Paul Oddfellow's Hall.

Save a few hours out of your Halloween plans for a costumed dance!  Any costume goes!

Friday, October 31, probably around 8pm-ish.

More details as the event approaches.
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I think I've finally caught my breath after our super fun wild time on Saturday.  The Twin Cities Costumers' Guild dance was fabulous, everybody looked great and seemed to have a lovely time, and we took in enough money to cover costs (yay!) and some extra to put toward upcoming plans.

Here's me and my HB:

I'm going to post some more of the photos to

[profile] tccostumers.



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Made and fitted all the new mock-ups yesterday.  Everything looks great!!  I also finished the vest, and he's very happy with it.

Today I need to cut the grey silk and do as much as can be done before the last fitting, this afternoon.  Then tomorrow I hope to line everything and do most of the finish work.

I'm feeling good that this suit is falling into place, and also I'm glad because the Villager article on the TCCG came out yesterday, and I was so happy and relieved to see it was okay.  I think they quoted me way too much, including a few things I didn't quite say, but all the important info is present and correct and the Guild did not come off looking like a bunch of goat-worshipping wackos, so yay!

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Part of this was also posted to [profile] tccostumers , so I apologize for any redundancy.

I finished my pocket in the nick of time on Saturday. The embroidery was finished on Friday, but of course I forgot I would have to rinse the washable marker lines out of it and wait for it to dry before I sewed it. Saturday morning assembled the layers. I did the embroidery on a single layer of linen, then I backed it with another layer of the same to cover the backs of my stitches. I bound the slit with a strip of straight-grain self-fabric, sewing it by machine, turning, and machine-stitching in the ditch to catch the other side. Then I used two layers of linen for the other side. I stacked the 4 layers together and cut out the pocket shape. Then I bound the edges with a linen bias strip I cut from scrap, machine stitching, turning, and stitching in the ditch as for the slit. The top binding and tie are one long piece of straight grain self-fabric. I messed up and made the long end on the wrong side; I wanted to be able to tie the pocket ties in front and have the pocket hang on the right side, but instead it hangs on the left. So I just tied the ties in back instead.

All the embroidery is done in vegetable-dyed wools in chain stitch.

embroideredpocket.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

On Saturday afternoon I perfomed with my Irish ceili dance group at the Landmark Center, then rushed home to get ready for the undie party!

It went very well and was lots of fun. About 8 people attended, lots of pretty undies were seen, and we all ate lots of sweets (balanced by handfuls of cheesy puffs) and spent longer debating about which costume movie to watch than we did actually watching it. (Marie Antionette won out in the end.)

Here's a picture of a few of us! (Sorry to those who left before I remembered to take a group photo!) I'm wearing my new linen shift, my 1776 stays, and a matching petticoat that I made in about an hour on Friday. It opens on each side as described on this page at koshka-the-cat.com/ (Except I haven't got pocket hoops.)  That's also my red lobster bustle, black corset, etc. being worn on the left.

undieparty015.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

It was a great time and I definitely want to do it again sometime; perhaps even make it a regular (annual?) thing. 

One more thing, if anyone who was there wants any more photos from the event, just let me know and I can send them to you!
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 (This was also posted at [profile] tccostumers so I apologize for any redundancy.)

The Twin Cities Costumers' Guild is having our monthly meeting this weekend!

Saturday, Jan 12
2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Merriam Park Library, meeting room B (downstairs)

We'll be discussing upcoming classes, events, and other exciting things!


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 Yesterday I went out in costume with [profile] undycat to hand out flyers for the Twin Cities Costumers' Guild.  We went out to the U of M, it was a really good time and reminded me why having a costume guild is so important: I love dressing up!  I think we reached a few interested folks, too.

I finished the pinstriped vest for my honeybunny, it fit him really well and he really liked it.  My welt pockets were slightly wonky, of course: they always are.  But I'm much happier with the fit of this one than his other vests.  I might be able to get him to stand still for pictures sometime today.

A couple days ago I also finally sewed the buttons onto the red silk sleeves that go with my orange linen ren fest dress.  I can't believe I let it go so long!  Today I want to take care of some other loose ends, too, like sewing the binding onto my red silk corset (the one that I meant to enter in the state fair).  I also want to make another little fabric basket today to store jar lids in in the kitchen.  Exciting, no?

I've been really enjoying making my mitten, but I've been trying not to work on it so much this week, as I have more pressing projects.  And I still want to finish my embroidered squares and bars pillow; i'm trying to make that my sitting-down-in-the-evening project, instead of the mitten.

Tomorrow I still hope to find some time to work on fall/winter skirts.
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Hey everyone in the Twin Cities area, interested in forming a costume guild?

Join the Twin Cities Costumers' Guild community

[profile] tccostumers 

and help us out!

We're working on planning a founding meeting to talk about what we want to do and how to do it, so join the community to stay informed about our growing guild!

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