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treepurse007.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

When I started the embroidery, I did plan on placing the tree asymmetrically, then I wavered a bit, then finally went ahead with the asymmetry.  I really like it that way!

Yay!  I'm so happy with my new purse!

Tree again

Dec. 6th, 2007 04:12 pm
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 I'm calling this done!!

Treeembroiderydec2007006.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

I could probably spend at least another 3 hours making nitpicky changes; adding a bit here, ripping out a bit there, but I think I'd better stop now before I wreck it, since I pretty much like it the way it is!

Now to sew the purse! 

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Added another branch. The tree's shape is starting to emerge.

Treeembroiderydec2007005.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

I'm trying not to let any of the little wierd parts bug me; I know I should love them the way they are.  They are only as weird as a real tree is.
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Yesterday I started my new embroidery piece.  I was going to make the next pillow for the couch, but instead, I decided to move this project up.  I'm making a new purse, because the little crazy-patchwork one I'm using now is getting really ripped up and old.  

The fabric is a greenish wool that's fuzzy on one side and smooth on the other; I'm using the fuzzy side and stitching in darkest brown Paternayan wool thread.

Treeembroiderydec2007002.jpg picture by ashamanjababu   Treeembroiderydec2007004.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

It's entirely free-form and unplanned, which feels really good after working on such a rigidly planned, geometric project as the squares and bars pillow for so long. It also feels nice to work with wool thread again, it feels so much nicer than cotton.  The entire thing is done in stem stitch.

I'm basing this, roughly, on some of the trees outside my house.  I took a few photos of the black walnut tree in my back yard that I referenced as I sewed, and I also just looked outside the nearest window as I worked and tried to base some of the branches on trees I saw.

I'm hoping this will be a fairly quick project.  I'm trying really hard not to be too much of a perfectionist; it's so hard for me to do something as organic as this without that desire for perfection.  But I think perfectionist tendancies would kind of ruin the organic look.  So I'm trying!

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