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A chair I made new cushions for.

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The only reason I am bothering to blog this is because it was way more complicated than I expected it to be.

Got the chair for $10 at Goodwill. Good enough condition but the cushions were so ratty and gross (I really should have done a “before” picture!). Before I threw them out, I traced their shape to make new ones. I got this upholstery-weight cotton at Treadle and some 2” thick foam at Jo-Ann. The foam was a nightmare to cut; I tried a serrated bread knife, then a scissor, then I finally broke down and bought a cheapo electric carving knife at Ace Hardware for $12, which worked like a dream. I still had a few rough spots but it was acceptable.

Shoving the foam into the covers was hard, but I am glad I made them fit tightly. They attach to the chair with Velcro self-fabric loops, like the original. I tried to center the designs, but inserting the foam made the fabric stretch slightly and it’s a teeny bit off now. When the bottom cushion is flipped over, the pattern continues from top to bottom, but I like the reverse a bit more.

I put it next to my bookcases where I have been wanting to create a reading nook since we moved in here. Now I just need a little table and a brighter bulb in that lamp.

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I worked another few inches on the sweater sleeve last night, making my sleeve about 5" long now.  The finished sleeve length is 18.5".  I've done 4 of the 6 decreases and now I need to switch to double-pointed needles as the sleeve is getting too narrow for circulars.  

For the last sleeve, I borrowed my HB's sz. 11 dpns, but he's working on a hat now and he doesn't want to give them up as there's no telling how long I'll have them or when he might need them.  (It should be noted than during the last month and a half when I wasn't working on this sweater, I had his sz. 11 circular tied up in my sleeve, and now I think he's not sure if I plan to finish the sleeve promptly or ever or if his needles will just sit there in the basket serving as stitch holders.  I finally got my own circ. so I may as well just get my own dpns as well.)  

So today I need to run out and get the dpns, and while I'm out I also plan to get some fabric to upholster a bench I got at the Goodwill for $10, also some stuff to put inside the cushion and some paint to match one of the colors in the fabric, for the bench's legs.  I will probably use layers of cotton batting. I hate foam and I have a futon/couch that has nothing but cotton inside; it is heavy and dense but in a nice way.

Oh, and of course I already have more plans!  I think when the sweater is done I want to make a couple little toys: a turtle from Knitty, and the chicken/egg from the last issue of Craft.  Or maybe a knitted robot, I haven't decided. 

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