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I added a few more pages to my Needlecraft gallery today.  I'll eventually get them all there, even if it takes me a year!  It's just kind of a pain haveing to scan them in halves and then blend the two images together as seamlessly as possible. I also whitened these ones, which means that I now have to go back and whiten all the other ones, too.  Oh well, they look so much nicer that way, instead of old and yellowed.

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I'm finally getting around to sharing some of the Needlecraft pages. Here are the first six and the cover. I skipped a couple pages that were full-page Cream of Wheat advertisements, etc., I didn't really think I needed them. Anyway, there are a few crochet patterns and a couple articles, I'm going to try to finish the scanning sometime soon (that's nice and vague, huh?) and put them up.

So, um, enjoy!
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I've been trying to copy some vintage magazines I got a few months ago.  They're really large, about 11"x15", and I had thought my little teeny scanner was too small.  Nobody (i.e. kinkos) had a scanner big enough.  I guess I could have made paper copies, but the whole point for me was to get the images on a cd.  So then, my smartie husband said to me "Why don't you just scan each image one half at a time and stitch them together."  I felt pretty dumb - I can't believe I didn't think of that!  

So I started scanning them yesterday afternoon.  Some of them are pretty rough; for exmple, all the magazines had been folded in half and there is a big worn crease horizontally across the pages.  The corners are pretty worn as well.  I tried to treat them gently but I knew I was causing more damage.  I just tried to remeber that once they are scanned, I won't have to mess with them anymore.

The focus is mainly on crochet, but there are some knitting and embroidery articles, too, as well as articles about life in general and short stories, etc.

Here's the cover of the one I started scanning:

If anyone is interested in any of the crochet patterns, do let me know!  I may make a webpage for all the images at some point, but that's unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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