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I've knitted to the bottom of my Yogini Bolero. I made it about 1" longer to accomodate my low bust. Then I picked up and started the front band. Phew! Picking up stitches on a finished edge is so, so tedious. When I do it, I need to get my Serious Face on and do math over and over and stick pins everywhere to make sure I'm doing it right.

I like the seeded rib pattern so far. It's not quite at the point where it looks like something yet, but I'm enjoying it.  And the cotton/linen yarn feels really nice knitted up.

Bought a bunch of fall knitting magazines the other day, and I've spent about a hour today adding a bajillion new sweaters and things to my Ravelry queue. I also took some old stuff off my queue. I had to face reality and be practical and honest about what I'll actually knit and wear (yes, another one of those 'face reality' moments).

- After working on the bolero, I am a bit tired of stockinette. I need my next project(s) to have some kind of stitch pattern, if only a little.

- My sweaters need to be fitted. I spend enough time feeling frumpy. After baby is out, hopefully I will get my waist back, and since I will probably have the current bust for a while, there's a large ratio to account for. Yes, I can add waist shaping to most patterns but I'd kind of prefer not to have to.

- I cannot wear high necklines. I just can't. They choke me. If it's not a cardigan, it needs to have a V or a scoop. This one is the hardest to accept because there are just so many cute sweaters with too-high necklines.

So, now I've got a few sweaters with cables or lace in mind.  Not sure which one will be next.  I also found a pattern for a horizontally-knit ribbed hoodie for the man, which he actually approved of (!!!) so that might be coming up soon.  But after I finish the bolero, and before I start another big project, I will probably knit a couple more toys and small things.

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