Jul. 12th, 2009

elizabeth_mn: (Default)

Okay, I know I've been dismissive about cotton sweaters in the past, but I'm getting excited about this project!

I got the yarn on saturday and had a gauge swatch on the needles within about 2 minutes of ripping open the package.  Too tight; bought new sz 7 needles that afternoon; got gauge on the 7s; started the sweater today.

I've been nervous about the cotton/linen yarn being difficult to work with, and while it's certainly not merino, it's not so bad.  Mostly I have to remind myself to keep my stitches loose.  Especially on purl rows.  I'm using bamboo needles (because I like them) and while metal ones would probably be less grabby on the cotton, I can't stand the feel of them, so I'm content to go slow and keep repeating 'loose, loose, loose,' to myself.

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