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First all the slippers I made this year.

The chunky clogs came out pretty nice and I think they were well liked by the recipient.

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My HB got these felted slippers. The sizing was good but the two layers do not like to stick together and they shift and slide around. Fiddling with them is required before he will wear them for real. :P

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The fluffy bunny slippers came out a little big but she can grow into them. And so cute!

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I made a big dinner for all of us. I roasted some chickens (this is the time of year when my vegetarian household binges on meat) and made butternut squash and rice pasties.

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I was very happy with this scrumptious puzzle I received and have been spending hours doing it. I love puzzles!

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I also got a great fashion plate book.

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As well as several novels and a copy of How To Be A Victorian.

I am very skeptical of pseudo-history books like this, but this one looked good and everyone I know is reading it, so I put it on my list and my sister picked it up for me. Looking forward to it.

One other gift I am really pleased with is a new perfume from Love and Toast. I find most perfumes cloying and horrible and headache-inducing, but these are natural and mild and lovely. Last year I got the Paper Flower scent and this year I got the Sugar Grapefruit. Yum!
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Today I started another pair of slippers, this time for my sister's boyfriend. I am using the same yarn as the fluffy bunny slippers, Spud and Chloe Outer, but in blue.

My Ravelry page is here. One cool thing in this pattern is the sole is made from knitted jute twine. I think that will be durable and look neat.

I am using a new-to-me short row method. I was pretty annoyed by the wrap and turn short rows in my HB's slippers, because they were loose and sloppy and left holes (even despite the wrap!) so I poked around online and found Techknitter's great short rows article. I am using the "dig" method, and I am quite pleased with it. No wrap, no holes!
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Finishing up the knitting on these, just a little assembly left.

This huge yarn and these huge needles are making my hands hurt like hell! They are cute and soft, and they went pretty quickly, but I am glad to be done.
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I finished knitting these slippers for my HB. There are 4 pieces to make two double-layered slippers. Next step is to felt them.


The thing about fulling/felting knitted things is that you have to start out with a thing that is loose and floopy and huge. Here they are with my hand for some scale.


I have another pair of slippers to knit and felt, so I am going to set these ones aside until later, when I can throw them all in the washing machine together.

The pattern is trim clogs from The Knitted Slipper Book. My Ravelry project for these with yarn info, etc is here.
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