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I have sewing anger.

I've been trying to finish this stupid @#$%! skirt that won't die (the teens-inspired skirt).  It's pretty hopeless by now.  This is just one of those projects where every single possible thing that could go wrong has.  And also a bunch of things that generally don't go have have as well.

First, there were all the trim issues. I thought the ribbon solved that, but now the ribbon trim is 
       a.) higher on one side than the other (how is this even possible?  I used the symmetrical seamlines as a guide!!),  
       b.) mitered really poorly, and 
       c.) really warbly and weird.

Then yesterday, I tried to cover some buttons with the petersham, and discovered it is too thick and looks really stupid, but not before I'd wasted an hour trying every single method of covering a button with fabric.

Today, I decided to just try to ignore the multitude of flaws and just finish the stupid thing.  I spent half an hour hemming it with the machine blind hem stitch.  It was a bit lumpy and wierd, but I was so relieved; it was done!!  Then I trimmed some threads and realized that I missed some places where the blind hem stitch is supposed to catch the skirt.  I looked more closely and saw that I didn't miss a few places, I missed about 3/4 of the hem!  Aaarggghhh!!

I'm so mad about it I don't know what to do.  I really just want to cut it up into little pieces and forget I ever started it.  I should probably not do this while angry, though.  I think if I can't rekindle at least some interest in it by the end of the week, it is going to the scrap bag, and in pieces.

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He's looking like something now!

lobsterJan2008004.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

It's so tiny!!

Yesterday was the TCCG sewing circle, and I got a lot of progress in on The Skirt That Won't Die.

crepeteensskirtJan2008007.jpg picture by ashamanjababu   crepeteensskirtJan2008005.jpg picture by ashamanjababu

I love my new petersham ribbons!!  I think this skirt is actually a salvageabale project now.  The trim is DONE!  I just need to hem it, face the waist, and add 6 decorative buttons.  Yay!
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 Yesterday afternoon I made the other knitting needle case, for ciculars and double-points.  It's the same fabrics and design as the other one, just shorter, longer, and with wider pockets.  I feel really oragnized now!

But, I still haven't gotten around to the difficult bit of sewing I alluded to yesterday.  It's the teens-inspired skirt I started last spring, and still haven't finished.

I think the difficulty was that I intended to miter the corners where the trim meets, but I think I've decided that's too hard: a reversible miter with 3 layers involved. . . hmm. .  No.  I'm just going to join them straight, I think it will look better.

I've been trying to work on the skirt all week but I haven't gotten around to it; I'm afraid of messing it up.  I really hope to finish it today, though.  I just need to finish the trim, hem it, face the waist, and sew on the buttons.  

I have a lot of hanging-around-unfinished projects right now, I just need to dive in and finish them so I can get them off my list and do new things!
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Our dance performance on Saturday went pretty well, with the exception of one dancer getting hit in the ankle with a guitar case 5 minutes before the performance.  She was bruised but basically okay, and even insisted on limping through some of the dances, but for the most part, we took her out and had other dancers sub in, which meant that I was thrown into a dance that I haven't done in months.  It went okay, though.  There was one more too-wide-neckline-almost-becoming suddenly-naked issue.  I told everyone that if they wanted me to do alterations, they can just bring their dress to next weekend's practice.  Not looking forward to that, but it does mean that I have this week all to myself!

I finished my pattern for the 19-teens-inspired skirt and cut out the dark red wool crepe last night.  I need to go get thread and button forms before I can start sewing it.  For the band of trim, I cut 4" bias strips of coordinating silk, and I'm going to wrap them around 2" bias strips of some kind of stabilizer.  I was thinking of horsehair canvas (mostly because I have some on hand already) but I'm wondering if the stiff fibers might not work their way out of the silk eventually.  I guess I'll just look at the interfacings when I go to buy thread today and see what they've got.  Maybe I'll use silk organza.

I really want to finish this today!  I feel like I haven't actually finished anything for myself in ages.
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