Jul. 24th, 2015 12:42 pm
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I'm doing the green ruffly bustle dress for the gala. Today I am making the evening bodice. I took the pattern I used for the day bodice and altered the neckline to make it low for evening. And I am going to proceed WITHOUT A MOCKUP. dun dun duuuun!!

I will have it close in front with hooks/ fake buttons, and I am thinking of using a separate, removable bertha for trim. Early 70s ballgown bodices still did that right? Mostly I am motivated by convenience. On my 1860s ballgown the bertha made trimming so easy to make and wear.

For bodice trim I will mimic the ruffles on the skirt and probably add some lace and bows.

Clearly at this point I am feeling the need to post every fleeting thought that passes through my head.
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Yesterday when I was feeling discouraged I decided I needed a (relatively) simple task, so I made a new shift.

I had only one I was sharing between 18th c and Regency, so now I have a change.

I used Kaufman handkerchief linen, actually a 60/40 linen and cotton blend, and the diagram in Costume Close Up. It seemed huge but I was tired and didn't feel like thinking much so I just went with it.

I did it all on the machine, with French seams on the body, which makes a slight lump where they all line up at the side gores, and flat felled seams on the sleeves and underarm gusset. The only part I handsewed was the pair of eyelets at the neckline for the drawstring.

It took me about 3 hours start to finish, which is faster than I used to be, so yay. And it did come out really big and floopy. Maybe one day I will actually devote time to making Perfect Undies, but for now at least I won't have to wear a sweaty gross shift the third day of coco.
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Or at least, as done as it's going to get, for now.

It took ages for the moss bodice to dry, and I ended up using so much glue that it's quite stiff and the inside is pretty plastic-y. And on the table it kind of has a Sad Muppet look. But I tried it on with the dress, and it actually looks kind of cool.

I sewed up the shoulder seams but I am leaving the bust darts unsewn because I want to travel with it as flat as possible, and it'll take ten minutes to sew the darts on Sunday.

For the wings I decided to go with two, not four. I shaped them a little pointier, then sewed them together and hotglued some wire to the back. I punched a couple holes for a twine tie and done!

I also did a couple little fiddly odds and ends in the past couple days. My Regency petticoat was a bit too long so I sewed two more tucks at the hem to shorten it by 1". I also added some elastic to my green vintage swimsuit to improve the fit and the bust support.

So it's been a couple days of little things, but it feels good to cross them off the list. What's left?

* Spruce up Glinda - this is totally my Gala gown. I know I will feel kind of cheap and lame next to everyone's awesome finery, but it'll be more fun to wear than my other options. At the very least it needs more stars and glitter to replace the ones that fell off, and I'd also like to adjust the bodice fit and maybe mess with the sleeves. And figure out shoes.

* Finish the LWD and a quick spencer.
* new shift
* beach dress to go with my swimsuit
* finish knitting the lace
* some hairpieces

That's the plan, anyway. If I run out of time, so be it. The only one I really feel anxious about is the LWD. Everything else I can pretty much do in my sleep.
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The little white dress skirts are assembled, and the side opening plackets for the drop front are hemmed and finished.

The sleeve seams for the small pouf sleeve and the linen under sleeve are sewn and finished.

Today's goals:

- sleeve bands
- hem linen under sleeve
- make bib front bodice piece
- spencer mockup
- try everything on

Then to finish, it's just:

- pleat/gather skirt
- front waistband
- attach skirt
- attach bib front
- attach sleeves
- hem

Today is Friday. I really would like to finish this over the weekend so I can pick the unfinished Little House Dress back up on Monday. Aaaand I should probably figure out what I am wearing to the Gala.
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Just being thinky.

Plans so far:

Thursday night: I really want to do a vintage swimsuit type thing, and maybe actually go swimming! I know nobody really swims at the pool party but why not?

Friday day: I might still do an Edward Gorey thing, otherwise maybe something old.

Friday pm social: Probably the orange silk anglaise I am starting now.

Saturday day: Little House printed cotton.

Gala: I suppose I will just default to the green and blue ruffle bustle dress. I will make an evening bodice for it.

I have to admit it bothers me to not be part of a group for the gala. Last year I thought I would do the court dress thing, then I thought I would do a fairytale thing, but neither of those ideas worked out; I just couldn't get the inspiration to make them work.

I really do love the green ruffle as a dress, for straight up Victorian stuff, but coco gala is an opportunity to do something different.

I suppose my other options are to make something new (not entirely feasible at this point) or to wear Glinda, which, as much as I like it, was made as a cheap Halloween costume and looks pretty terrible close up.

Sunday breakfast: LWD.

Sunday day: no idea.

If I end up with gaps I feel comfortable enough just tossing something old in there. Last time I attended coco I had this idea for some reason of only bringing new costumes. Silly of course because I had a full day of not being dressed up. Not gonna happen this time.
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I just got the confirmation email from Costume College programming and my ceili dance class is a go!

It's scheduled for 9 am to 11 am on Saturday morning. 9 am seems crazy early to expect anyone to dance, but whatevs. I expect you all to be there!

Still not sure if I will dress up while I teach this class or just wear mundanes. I hate to miss a single moment of dress up, but it will definitely be easier to teach dance if my legs are free.
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I think I figured out my last missing idea for the literary theme: I need to make an Edward Gorey dress.

I've got three volumes of Amphigorey stuck with sticky tabs, and I am trying to narrow down the ideas.

Anyone else want to join me in Gorey-esque costume at coco?

Coco 2013

Aug. 7th, 2013 12:39 pm
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Ok, here goes: the wrap-up post from my first Costume College.

On Thursday, I got in super early. I have family members in town who were good enough to pick me up from the airport and shuttle me around. I got to the hotel around 11, Merja (a.k.a. [ profile] the_aristocat) was the first person I ran into and I gave her the lamest confused sleepy hello (sorry, dear!) before excusing myself to check into my room and then crash in it. It was nice to get in early enough to hang up dresses and get settled and rest.

Thursday afternoon I just hung out and did some knitting. At the pool party in the evening I got to meet lots of LJ folks for the first time. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces! I met [ profile] bauhausfrau, [ profile] love3angle, [ profile] demode and [ profile] koshka_the_cat for the first time, and met [ profile] nuranar and [ profile] jenthompson again. And so many other folks!

I didn’t have a costume to wear so I just wore one of my favorite regular dresses. I had a couple drinks and some good conversations and looked at all the pretty dresses – I especially liked the mermaids!

I am really quite shy and I had to work pretty hard at being confident enough to even talk to anyone and not just run off to my room to hide. If I didn’t seem shy to you, I’m amazed. Even when I am getting the better of it, I am still choking down knots in my stomach. But I was proud of myself for actually overcoming it and talking, though when I’m nervous I either don’t talk at all OR I talk way too much and laugh too loud. So I hope it didn’t veer into the latter.

Friday I was still in mundanes, though I joked that this was my Authentic Minnesota Hipster costume.

costume college 2013 008

I had some really interesting classes – adapting fashion plates and bodice draping, among others – and kept my knitting with me to help work off the antsy-ness. For the evening ice cream social I wore vintage (dull!). It was tough feeling like every time I started a conversation I had to scoot away from someone because we were interrupted with a photo request.
More! More! The rest of the weekend. . . )

Can't wait to see more of everyone else's photos! 

So close

Jul. 29th, 2013 05:45 pm
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Just turning under and stitching the sleeve lining, and then the seaside dress is done! I still have the hat and bag, but phew! It feels good to be so close.

Here are couple bodice details before I pack it up. Machine topstitching is brought to you by HolyCrap, I'm Leaving For My First Costume College In 3 Days!


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So far I'm only planning to bring 3 (maybe 4) dresses with me to costume college. (Of course, I'm not counting the mundanes which are almost costumes, like bright cotton print dresses and vintagey stuff.)

The Pink Cupcake - I might try to replace the somewhat chunky lace at the neckline on this.

The curtain along jacket and petticoat - still needs sleeves and petticoat.  I cut the petticoat panels yesterday and matched the first seam.  Sewing is so much easier for me when I prep it and lay it out during those little stolen moments, so I know when I come to it it's all ready to go! Sticking with the all-handsewn goal for this one.

And a seaside gown for the Sunday Tea.  I have fabric and a plan for this; it's not ideal but I'm trying to make do with what I currently have instead of being really spendy and making it perfect. I know a whole dress for me in a few weeks is rare, but it's sped up by the fact that I already possess all required undies.

I'm also hoping to make a few really simple extra accessories, like a plain canvas bag that doesn't look too anachronistic, and a glass pearl necklace to go with the cupcake gown.

It's becoming VERY hard for me to ignore the desire to make modern stuff right now.  At work all the luscious fabrics are continuing to taunt me, and at home my closet is.  But I want to do coco right, or as right as I can, and besides my 2013 resolution was to have a year of costumes.

So it's what, 5 weeks?  Please, please, self, don't get distracted.  Don't take on ANY more commitments.  And don't do any mending!
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