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I sewed my embroidery into the pillow cover yesterday and inserted the down form.  I put an invisible zipper in the side seam; it's easier than sitiching the cover closed and way more versatile.  Makes it easier to clean the thing, too.  
Here's the completed pillow, in my living room rocking chair:

crewel 5 9 finished

I'm not quite as in love with it as when I first started, but it was a fun project, and that was really the point, and anyway, I do like how it looks!


May. 7th, 2007 07:17 am
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I think it's done!

crewel 5 7     purple flr

I worked on the last flower a bit on Friday afternoon (before some people came over for a cocktail party, which btw was lots of fun; I think the highlight of the evening was when everyone started dancing crazy-madly around my living room to a Harry Belafonte record).  I finished the embroidery last night, at least I stopped working; my honeybunny told me it looked done and I'd better stop before I mess it up.

The purple flower is inspired by one in Colorful Stitchery, too.  (Which is a really fun book!)  I really like how weird it looks. The center is a cluster of French knots, whcih I think is extra great because I could not seem to figure out how to make one until I got this book (turns out I was wrapping the thread in the wrong direction.)  

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with how the piece turned out.  Now all I need to do is block it and sew it into a pillow cover.  Yay!  Then I can start the next one!
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After my arm recovered from the tetanus shot at the end of last week, I got some more work done on the crewel. I did another flower and the remainder of the stem outlining.  Unfortunately, it was really the only thing I felt like working on all weekend.

I eventually broke down and bought the book that I took my inspiration image from. I found this sunflower design in there (I modified it a little). The sunflower is my new favorite flower in the piece!

sunflower crewel 4 30

I had just chalk-marked the last flower and I was re-hooping it when I realized that the last stem is still wrong.  It's too long; I'm going to rip out a couple inches, otherwise it will bother me forever.  I want to make it end about where the edge of the hoop is now.  I hate ripping out stiches; it's annoying and tedious and wasteful, but I think it will look much better!
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I was in the middle of re-hooping my embroidery piece last night and I realized that I've made the desgin go way too far over on the edges.  I forgot to take into account the fact that since it will be a pillow, the edges will curve under a ltitle, and the flowers on the edge will be completely distorted, if not obscured entirely.  I decided I should just not do the other bunch of flowers and that I should make the single bunch go in the center of the piece so I can avoid distortion.  Fortunately, I left enough margin on the edges to re-center the emroidery I've already done, but now this means I'm almost finished, which sucks because I'm enjoying it so much.  I think I'm going to have to rip out a bit of the stems and re-work them to make the design more balanced by itself, which is a pain.

I've really been lazy and haven't done much sewing-wise lately besides this.  I think I have a problem with doing too many projects at once.  It gets a little overwhelming, and then I end up not working on anything!
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I was feeling kind of crappy on Friday so I spent most of the day on the couch embroidering. After I started, it was really difficult to put down the hoop all weekend. I finished all the stems in the first bunch of flowers, and I did most of the outlining on the stems, and by Saturday afternoon I had finished the first flower:

crewel 4 8

I took the desgin of the flower directly from my inspiration image except that the center is in satin stitch; I couldn't really tell exactly what was going on in the original, except that it looked kind of fluffy.  I love how the outlining really makes the stems float on the backgorund.

Yesterday evening I almost finished the second flower, also from the same book (I took down a sketch of it in the bookstore the other day).

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I started a new embroidery project because I wanted to have something to do with my hands during the evenings when I'm hanging out with my honeybunny, and we're watching movies or otherwise loafing. Also, I really enjoy doing embroidery, for me it's not at all one of those means-to-an-end things (like knitting). It's more like, "Hmm, I really want to embroider something, I wonder what I can do with it when I'm done?" (Except words and numbers - they make me feel so confined!)

I saw this book at a bookstore the other day, and I was really struck by the cover image. I loved the plaid background, the stylized flowers, and the smooth, outlined stems of the pillow on the left. If I remember right, they are both done in crewel and since I've been itching to use some nice woolen threads for embroidery for a while, I finally ordered some of the yummy wool threads from hedghog handworks and got a piece of plaid linen from Treadle Yard Goods and started.

Here's about 2 evenings of work and my color palette.  I'm doing the whole thing in chain stitch, except some of the flower parts, which will be in satin stitch.  The light green is kind of hard to see in the photo, it shows up better in real life and also, I'm going to outline it with the dark green.  I'm using the book cover image as my inspiriation but I'm not copying it exactly.

I think I'm going to order a few more colors, one of the 'orange' tones looks a lot more peachy to me, and I want more of a warm red-orange range for most of the flower parts, to contrast against the blue plaid.  I guess this is going to be a couch pillow when it's done, even though I feel kind of lame embroidering a pillow (when I could be doing pockets or another garment piece).  I think my somewhat drab living room could use it, though!
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