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You guys remember this at all?

wool brocade (1)

Right after I last posted I brought these to work and my coworkers unanimously liked the plummy purple wool/silk with the lighter brocade. I bought out the rest of the bolt: about 7.5 yds.

I have enough of the solid that I want to make it into a Nice Plain Wool Dress, bodice and skirt, maybe a few pleats but nothing fancy. With 7.5 yd of 60" fabric I can do that easily. I want a nice plain winter dress I can wear alone or add fichus and fun over-bodices to.

Then I will use my wool brocade to make an accent piece I can swap in to change things up as desired.

Here are the plates that are currently speaking to me for the brocade bodice.

Left one here with the solid vest detail.

Left one here.
La Mode Illustrée, 1870:

Before I dive in to this I am going to finish my new undies and possibly a new corset.


Aug. 7th, 2016 09:27 am
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Yay! My Knit Picks box has arrived!


Is there anything more thrilling than getting stuff in the mail?

There is yarn for a shawl for The Girl, deep turquoise roving for me for thrums, some needles, a few random notions (because free shipping), and a new "feeling superfine" bag to replace the one I lost (Lost! Me! A whole knitting bag! Project and all! What is wrong with me!?).
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I kinda love this.

The "sew scary" thing is dumb, but I understand that they are trying to make it more Halloweeny. I would probably cut it off. And then it would be the perfect center for a little lap quilt to be under when I am sewing in front of the tv!
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I dug around in my stash a bit today and found a couple yards of a pretty blue cotton velvet. I drive a million miles into the suburbs to Harris (creepy warehouse fabric store) and got 8 yards of pale blue suiting-weight wool blend for a bustle dress.

I wish I knew the blend but you just don't get that info at Harris. I don't think it's all wool because when I burn-tested it, it did not self-extinguish. It did have a crushable ash, so it's not made of plastic. I am not good at identifying smells with the burn test, so I can't comment on that part. It just smells like something is burning to me. :)

So yeah, I bought new fabric. Maybe I can bump this up in the queue and have it ready for the Victorian Ice Skating event next month. Or maybe I will get distracted again.


Oct. 23rd, 2015 10:22 am
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More fun new crap at work: double-faced cotton sateen ribbons. They're so scrummy and I want all of them.

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4 yards of dotted swiss and a yard of handkerchief linen for my LWD!


I know, I am not going to sew this for months, and the fabric is one we almost always have at work, but I know what happens to she who hesitates. So I thought I would snap it up just in case.
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I never shared the results of the last fabric quest to the suburbs. Well, I pretty much struck out. I was really shocked, actually; they have tons of silk and I was sure I would find something that would work. But there was no green, no blue, no teal of any kind in taffeta, satin, or even shantung. A couple teal chiffons. A gorgeous white faille. Ok, there was ONE green taffeta, a dark spruce-y forest color which is my least favorite green ever. I considered it for a while, but at that price I needed something I loved.

So then I headed online. Puresilks.com had some promising colors, but I wanted to check at Treadle one more time before I ordered anything. I was working last night and found these.

fabrics 001

I bought out the rest of the roll on each. 7 yards of the green silk taffeta and 3 of the blue (same), 60" wide and 54", respectively. The grey taffeta is the one thing I found at Harris, I got 4 yards just so I wouldn't leave empty handed. I think I can work these into a design somehow. The green was a good price, but the blue was a little spendy. I get my employee discount but still, I haven't spent this much on a dress since the pink ballgown. I was scared to look at my receipt! And I still need linings and underlinng and notions. . . eek!

I've narrowed my design inspiration down to these:

Love the use of two colors here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/540994973962954674/

I am particularly fond of this just for being made here in my home city: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/73746512624065768/

The triple apron front drape is a neat detail (left): http://www.pinterest.com/pin/540994973962954109/
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I figured the best way to sum up what I'm working on right now is simply a picture of my worktable.


So, we have the yellow/mustard/gold silk for a Regency thing, next to the pink organza for Glinda. Above those is a length of knit for the Colette dress pattern in the center. This is for a class display so it should really take priority; the class starts Oct. 3 and I'd like it to display for a couple weeks beforehand. So I really ought to whip it up this weekend and bring it in on Monday.

Ok, continuing to move right there's a purse in progress (and my favorite bag book) made in Echino linen/cotton prints. I love this and I hate my old purse and all I want is to finish it. I think I can give myself one more day on it, and then I'd better just focus on the Colette Moneta.

On the far right you can also see a small stack of printed corduroy for pants for The Girl.

So. Lots of projects, and this is still not all I've got on my plate right now. And a totally unusable disater of a sewing room. I shoved a little of it closer together for the picture but otherwise this is pretty much it. Messy and unfinished and totally getting on my nerves.

Ugh. Prioritizing is such a drag.
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I got this fabric from a coworker's destash. It's chain stitch embroidered in wool or a wooly type thread on cotton/linen. It's remnants, so it's in pieces. Some are pretty big, but still. Pieces.

I like it, but I am not sure what to do with it. The pattern is such a large scale, is it too large for a jacket? Or does the whole thing just look too much like upholstery and should I just make couch pillows?
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Does this look at all 18th century?


It is fabric sorting and destashing day and I am trying to be ruthless.
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This has been marked down to 50% off at work and I am just longing for it. It's a good price but still more than I can justify without a plan. There are 2 & 1/4 yds at 42" wide, with a scallop border on each edge.



The color is not captured terribly well here; it's a deep slate blue. Embroidered net lace with beads and spangles. I love it so much. But what could I use it for? Help me out here!

Etsy shop

Mar. 22nd, 2013 12:14 pm
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I've been doing some housecleaning and decided to open an Etsy shop to see if I could sell some fabrics and costumes that just aren't for me anymore, or possibly never were.

Please check it out! http://www.etsy.com/shop/FabricsandFrocks

I've got a couple corsets, a ren fair costume, and a few pieces of silk.  I'll probably add a few more things if any of this sells.
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I've finally obtained the rest of the fabrics for my 12th night gown: 5 yards of silk organza for the skirt, enough cotton broadcloth for the skirt base, and pima broadcloth for another petticoat (to replace the one with the hole).  I think all I need now is a few fake flowers.

Now the hard part: ignore all the distractions, sit down, and work on it!
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Yesterday at work I gave in and bought the taffeta.  (Thanks for the recommendations!)


I bought out the bolt, 10.5 yards.  This is a fabric that has been in the store for a couple years, and just recently got moved to the 50% off table.  I thought I'd better snap up all of it; I'll probably need it all if I want to do a gown with matching petticoat and self-fabric ruffles.  Besides, it came out to only $7.50/yd.  Woo!

I'm still not 100% in love with the maroon, but still, it's striped silk taffeta so how could you go wrong?

I wanted to get the printed lawn, too, but by the time I made up my mind, there were only 2 yards left on the bolt.  But I'm thinking of using a solid-color lawn (NOT white) for the dress instead. 

Pink Satin

Oct. 23rd, 2012 11:35 am
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I picked up my satin at work yesterday.

strawberry milan

It's thick but light, with crisp and and airy drape.  Definitely not liquid like a charmeuse.  The color is a deep, eye-popping pink. I got 7 yards, so I'll have plenty for the 12th Night gown and then hopefully enough for a robe a l'anglaise next year.  It's 54" wide, so probably! 

I am embarrassed to admit what I spent on it, but I did get to use my employee discount, so yay for that!  I am waiting until my next payday to get the organza and the other fabrics I will need.  We have the perfect shade of acid green silk satin ribbon, but it's too narrow, and plus it's kind of droopy, so I think I may experiment with dyeing some taffeta to make "ribbons."

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Yesterday at work I ordered my satin.  5-8 yds (whatever half the piece is, and they vary) of strawberry pink silk/rayon duchess satin will be mine!

I waffled about using a blend, but since it costs half the 100% silk and is still really very nice, I went for it.

I also considered going for a more muted color.  There was a pale blue-grey that I liked, but seriously, why would I ever want to choose that over bright pink?

It should be a few weeks before it arrives, so I should probably try to have the underskirt done by the time it arrives.  But first the new taffeta petticoat!
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Made the mockup for McCall's 6504 yesterday.


I cut the neckline, upper chest, and armholes in a sz 8, then blended to a 10 for the bust, and to a 14 for waist and hip.  I really didn't think I was that much of a pear (yet) but the finished garment measurements seemed to show a ton of ease in the bust, so I went down, and I chose the upper chest size because I am smaller up there.  

More photos, and a design dilemma )

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So far on my shopping list for Shepherd's Harvest:

  • purple/plum fingering weight wool for a shawlette
  • dark olive green fingering weight wool for a shawlette or scarf
  • shawl sticks or pins
  • a long-repeat gradient or ombre-type yarn, in a wool or wool blend, sufficient quantity for a sweater; ideally something like Mochi but plied, or slightly Noro-esque but soft.  Is this one unbearably optimistic?
Only 3 months away!
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This lovely striped cotton has been at Treadle for a few weeks and I am dying to make something historical out of it.

I could see it as something with a hoop, 1860s maybe, or 1870s early bustle, but I wonder if I could stretch it any earlier.  Ideas, please?  Dyeing it is a possibility.

I also really like this floral lawn for 18th c, but does it read as too modern?

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