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Taken from everyone.

1. What is your dirty little secret when it comes to costume construction?
I'm inconsistent; I get really uptight about certain aspects of historical accuracy, like natural fibers and proper cut, but then I have no problem using poly-blend thread and zig-zagging seam allowances.

2. What are you the most proud of when it comes to your costume construction?
My machined flat-felled seams.  I do the folds by hand (I don't have a flat-felling foot) which David Page Coffin says to not even think about doing, but I think they come out really smooth.

3. Which of your costumes do you think you look the best in?
My blue silk 1870s wedding dress.  Although this may just be because in all the photos, I've got that "Hooray!  It's my wedding day!" look on my face.

4. What style of costume would you never be caught dead in?
Late 1890s evening wear with the S-curve corset, poofy pigeon front, and giant puff sleeves.

5. What was your all-time favorite Halloween costume?
Pippi Longstocking.  I was 6 or 7, and I begged my mother to dress me up as Pippi.  She wondered why I couldn't just be something easy like a witch (or actually, anything that could be comepletely bought in a store).  It didn't end up being very much like I wanted it, but I was really happy to get to be Pippi anyway.

6. If time/money/skill was no object, what would you be for Halloween this year?
People giving me funny looks is more of an obstacle.  If that were irrelevant, I'd probably want to do another Pippi Longstocking.  But you know, it's kind of hard to dress up as an 8 year old girl without provoking comment.

7. Which is more important to you in a costume - style, or comfort?
To make a costume really work, both aspects must be present.  I know that's avoiding the question, but if a costume is stylish and uncomfortable or comfy and dumpy, I wouldn't want to wear it.

8. What comfort do you refuse to give up when wearing a costume?
Wearing my glasses.  They can sometimes look really wrong, but I am quite blind without them and I don't like contact lenses.  I do plan to get my 1860s repro frames fitted with lenses at some point, so that takes care of one era.  It's my ren fest stuff that just has to suffer.

9. Where is the strangest place you've ever worn a costume?
A movie screening of a friend of a friend's. I think he was a film student; he and some friends made this cheesy, low-budget spy/ninja film and screened it at the college.  The flyer said formal dress encouraged, so I wore an 1880s ball dress. 

10. If you see a non-costuming friend or coworker while you are in costume, would you go say "Hi!" or run and hide? 
If I saw someone I would say hi to while in plain clothes, I would certainly say hi while in costume, and the same goes for people I would rather not talk to. 
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(wow, two postings from me in one day, I'm shocked.)

A lovely costume meme from [personal profile] sarahbellem.

Costumers all tend to have a specific era or genre that appeals to us aesthetically, which is fine, but sometimes we get too focused and fail to appreciate other eras or genres that might suit our body type, our facial features, or even just challenge us to think outside the box a little bit. So, I'm opening the floor for suggestions: Give me one costume you'd want me to wear, and why. Picture links appreciated. :)

And then spread this meme like SARS and I'll try to do the same for you! 
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Ok, I've never filled out a meme before, so I thought it would be fun!

1. Are you the type of stitcher who works on one project start to finish, or do you work several different projects at once?


Several.  I don’t have the attention span to work on just one!  When I get sick of one, I can turn to another.

2. How do you decide which projects to begin? Need? Whim? Herd mentality?

Everyday clothes are motivated mostly by need, costumes generally by looking at pretty pictures in books and such and the desire to have a new pretty thing.

3. What are the sorts of things that will cause you to hurl said project(s) into the corner and consign them to the pit of Hades?

Lumpy trimmings, linings that aren’t the same size as the outer fabric, fit that sucks so much I have no idea how to fix it (this includes getting to muslin mock-up #5 or so and still having no improvement), running into a fitting problem that would require me to pick out tons of stitching to fix, general crappy-stupid-looking-ness.

4. Once consigned to Hades, will you ever return to the d*mned project and complete?

Based on my past experience, it has about a 50% chance, but the wait is pretty long.  The other 50% probably got hacked up with the rotary cutter in a fit of rage and hence have no chance of returning, but sometimes the concept get reincarnated!

5. What about those projects you complete, and then decide you hate for whatever reason (doesn’t fit, don’t really like how it looks on you, etc.) How do you dispose of them?

They usually sit in the closet for a few months/years until I can feel okay about giving them away, chucking them, or trying to re-make/salvage them.

6. When disposing of old costumes, do you pick off the good bits (the nice lace, the vintage buttons, etc.) to use on future projects, or does the dress move on to the great wardrobe in the sky more or less intact?

It depends on the condition of the piece altogether.  If it still has a little life left in it, I’ll try to give it away whole, if not, the buttons, boning, and such get salvaged and often the cloth gets ripped into rags to clean my house with.

7. Of course imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but have you ever gone anywhere (including to various Web pages) and found a gown that looks suspiciously like one that you created?

I wish!  I don’t think most of my work is good enough to copy, nor do I really broadcast it enough to be seen by many.

8. Have you ever lifted design elements from the gowns of other costumers? (Let me be specific: Not vintage garments, not film costuming, but gowns created by costumers you have come across, either at events, cons, or on the Web.)

I don’t think so, but maybe subconsciously.

9. If you could pay someone to do one hated task involved in sewing, it would be…

Ironing fabric after I’ve pre-washed it.  Yuck.  Other than that, I really enjoy all the parts of the process, even if I enjoy some less than others.

10. What are you working on now?


A modern suit in summer-weight black wool, a wall quilt with koi-fish appliqués, costumes for my Irish ceili dance group, several random craft projects to enter in the MN state fair, an embroidered dragonfly for a pillow, and a set of pocket hoops.
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