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I danced with my group, Mooncoin Ceili Dancers at this year's Irish Fair last weekend. This is the big Irish cultural event in the area, a 3-day weekend with every dance group, dance school, band, and cultural organization participating. Lots of music, lots of beer, a good time generally.

I've been attending the Irish Fair since I was a teenager, and I've been performing out there with Mooncoin for about 8 years. It's fun but also tough to be an adult dancer representing a social style of dance. We do not wear the flashy costumes with sequins and neon and we don't wear the huge curly wigs, like the school dancers do. Our dances are mostly couple dances, not originally intended as performance pieces.

I asked my HB to do a little video this year to share. Here are two (not quite complete) dances; the first is a traditional 2-hand jig danced by me & TJ, and then it cuts to a waltz I choreographed for Mooncoin. Oh, and you get to see the dresses I sewed in action! I shall refrain from making comments about either my sewing or my choreography. Music here is provided by the wonderful Twin Cities Ceili Band. Enjoy.

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