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The day of our solstice party I finished this yarn wreath.

yarn wreath

I used this one for inspiration, and read a few tutorials which I've now lost. I love the way it turned out. Maybe the ribbon could be wider but I liked this velvet one with gold dots. But making this was SO tedious. Just wrapping yarn around the wreath form for hours. And then again. Forever. And a third time. Until I just gave up and lived with the remaining gaps. Then I spent 5 blissful minutes hot gluing the decorations on.

For our party I made these Linzer Sandwich cookies from Martha Stewart's recipe. They turned out pretty and delicious. It's extra work but you get such wonderful flavor from freshly toasting nuts.


I also made this highly addictive caramel matzo again, and everybody loved it. Thankfully I made a double batch and stashed it in the freezer. This is one thing I have to keep a close eye on, though, because I will seriously eat myself sick with it.

One last craft I made is this paper bow. I've been wanting to try some paper bows after seeing gorgeous ones online, so today I cut up a plant catalog and tried. Not exactly thrilling, but it was fun and it dresses up the gift a little.


Now I just need to finish wrapping gifts - crafty time is over! For a while anyway.


Sep. 28th, 2010 08:03 am
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Last Sunday, F caved and took a nap, then my HB took her for a walk, so I had several hours of sewing and crafty time! Bliss!

I wanted to do a quiet craft during naptime, so I made a new set of cards, this time for me. I like to keep a stash of cards on hand for birthdays and general note-writing.

Lots more photos and notes! )
I also made a new set of toy bags which I hope to post about tomorrow.


May. 7th, 2010 12:43 pm
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I made my mother a set of blank cards for her birthday and mother's day.  (Poor her, they are in the same week and she only ever gets one present and one party.)

Each card is unique, even though they all share the same elements.  I made her a set of 30, but you can get the idea from these. 

I've been making all my own greeting cards for years, but I have never made this many at once.  Usually I use magzine and junk mail clippings and random pieces of pretty paper.  This time I went a bit different route.

I used some floral images from a book of copyright-free clip art from Dover (actually from the cd that comes with the book) printed onto tone-on-tone patterned paper from one of those stacks of coordinating papers and cardstock made for scrapbooking.  I chose 4 different motifs, a couple of which I edited a bit.  I printed them from my computer, cut out the images, mounted them on the coordinating cardstock, and mounted that on a plain card which I made from a half sheet of ivory cardstock.

I use a little double-sided tape roller to adhere everything.  Very handy!  I also use one of those large-handled papercutters to make everything as square as I can.

A few of the pieces in progress.


My husband says I should sell these on Etsy. If I do, the first thing I will need to do is learn to take better photos.  Easier said than done.

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