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I like making everyday stuff in batches, so I made these four skirts at the same time from the same pattern. It's a pretty efficient way for me to sew.

I started them way back in August, got them all put together, then had zipper foot issues and ignored them for awhile. In November I sewed the zippers, then the only thing left was hand stitching the waistband facings down and hooks & eyes, so I ignored them again.

Recently the skirts from my last batch have been starting to literally fall apart, so this weekend I finally decided to get these ones off my loose ends pile and finish them.

The pattern is New Look 6079, a slightly A-line straight skirt with shaped panels in lieu of darts. I made view B/C without any of the ribbon trim or weird flappies.

skirts 031

I made these in various linens and cottons. I consider these 3-Season skirts, for autumn, winter, and spring. They are a bit heavy for summer. The linen might be a bit thin for winter, but as you can see I like to layer them with leggings and socks. It is crucial to have skirts that won't creep up with leggings. I like long, full skirts but they just get bunchy with leggings. So a shorter, slimmer skirt works better for layering.

Here are some not super flattering pictures.

polka dot skirt (3)

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Simple modern sewing is not much I know but I feel good to have been busy with some sewing anyway, and of course it is always nice to finish a long-overdue UFO!
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The only thing that can ever really draw me back into the sewing room after a lull is skirts. So here they are!

I made 3 new corduroy skirts, all based on one pink one I made last year (I must not have blogged that because I can't find it here.) It has a wide yoke and 6 gored panels, with a printed cotton pocket and ruffle at the hem.

I will always say I need more ruffles in my life, and they also serve the practical purpose of stiffening the hem. The corduroy + cotton print is based on my desire to wear fun prints and still be warm in winter. It worked, I think - it's cute and fun and the corduroy is definitely cozy. I love corduroy.

They all fall to just below the knee. I used invisible zips (love!) and finished all the seam allowances with the serger.

skirts 030

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It's funny how doing simple everyday projects really makes me want to get immersed in some serious sewing again! Right now I am not working from a list of Big Plans, but just doing what comes up. I hope I can keep doing it that way for a while.
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About a week and a half ago I alluded to a display project I made for Treadle.  This is it:


One of my coworkers caught me one day and said, "Hey, I saw a pattern that you should make for a display."  Yeah, I tend to be easily convinced.

I really thought I was over dupioni but I love it in this skirt!  I find it both exciting and annoying that the pattern is a pretty plain pleated skirt, but because the accompanying photo is made in bright silk dupioni, it becomes eye-catching and awesome.
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When I unwrapped this bolt of fabric at work a couple weeks ago, I just knew I had to have some.  And I really don't usually impulse-buy like that!

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I snapped these photos on my way out the door, so they are kinda blurry.

The large-scale print was perfect for a wide gored skirt.  I used my trusty 5-gore skirt pattern, but I lengthened the top a bit to make it sit higher on my waist (like everything lately).

It went together in about an hour.  I wore it to work and got tons of compliments.  This is one of those easy projects where you don't really have to do anything but pick the right fabric.
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Whipped this up pretty quick once I set down to do it.

This fabric is so popular right now at Treadle.  Mary has a blouse she made from it being displayed in the store now, and I feel like every shift I work I sell a piece.  It's a printed eyelet, and I love how the print has a sort of chintz feel.  I got tons of compliments on this, really through no effort of my own.

I scored a 1.5 yd piece at the remnant price a few weeks ago, then I waited until payday to buy a piece of coordinating pink shot cotton with which I flatlined the eyelet throughout.  It needed flatlining, or lining, or a slip or something, since the eyelet holes are big enough that modesty was an issue.

fabric detail )

I used the same pattern as this ribbon-trimmed skirt and the navy blue skirt at the bottom here; a 6-panel flared skirt with a wide, curved yoke.  I've tweaked it slightly since the first iteration and now I think it's my new favorite skirt, especially in the shorter (just below knee) length.  The curved yoke fits my shape nicely and the flare is so cute!  Plus it's just the right length and fullness for bicycle riding.

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Finally got the hooks and eyes on so I can call them done!

I used the same basic pattern for all but the last: two pieces, darted, with a slight flare. I tweak it every time I use it, and this is the latest iteration.

A green one in the same linen/rayon that I made a plain skirt of a couple months ago, but with a contrast band in a cotton print.

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Those done and out of the way, it's onward to the quilt!  I am only a little nervous about this.


Jan. 7th, 2012 12:42 pm
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No photos yet, but [livejournal.com profile] bauhausfrau's post today inspired me to post anyway.

I tweaked my basic not-quite-straight skirt pattern again, putting the CB on the fold and moving the zipper to the side seam.  I also moved the back darts a bit closer to CB, so they are more centered, and shortened them.  Then I completed a prototype skirt (which I am wearing right now) before moving on.

It fits nicely, even though it took a couple hours of wear for those back darts to really curve to my shape.  So I cut out three more skirts with the same pattern.  All are linen or linen/other natural fiber blends.  One has a border print which I had no idea how to work with/around until I just decided not to.  I cut the skirt as if the fabric were plain and now I have an asymmetrically placed border print running up the left front. The other two will have contrast trim made of cotton prints.  I also cut out a skirt in cotton twill from a commercial pattern I used a few weeks ago.

I should really be sewing with wool right now, but layered, these linen and cotton skirts work for winter, as long as I don't have to walk more than a block outside.  And it's just so nice to be able to machine wash your everyday clothes when you get so messy with chores, etc. all the time.


Dec. 13th, 2011 07:55 am
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A couple skirts I made recently.

(I think I have pretty much given up on taking nice pictures.)

Really more suited for autumn than winter, which makes sense since I had planned to sew them in autumn, but instead I made my caraco and these got pushed aside.  Still, add leggings, wool socks, and a sweater and they will sort-of work.

The brown cotton twill skirt has a yoke and 6 flared panels, a Simplicity pattern. The striped cotton grosgrain is from Soutache. I got it on my last trip to Chicago.

The grey/green skirt is a linen/rayon stretch woven. I’ve made a few skirts from this fabric before, but I am still trying to get the hang of sewing it. The pattern is my own, but every time I use it I tweak and make changes. This time I made the waist smaller so it would sit higher, but I guess I didn’t make it small enough, because I had to go back and rip it out again. I checked the last skirt I made from this pattern and I took that one in as well; I suppose I just forgot to transfer the changes to the pattern. I also lengthened it and adjusted the side seams to hang better.

I made these almost entirely during weekdays while F played on her own in the adjacent room. This is part of my new policy: Sew whenever you can, take advantage of little moments, even if the girl is on her own for a while.

This has opened an amazing door for me. Each of these skirts took only about an hour each, and I spread that time over a week, but I still feel so productive. The old method was to cut out stuff during naps and then wait to use the machine until my HB took over the kid in the afternoon or weekend. Projects would pile up and drive me crazy because I wanted to sew them so much. The new way is much better! It probably wouldn’t have worked any sooner, but now that the girl is at an age when she can entertain herself pretty well for a period of time, it works.


Apr. 19th, 2011 12:01 pm
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Four skirts, same pattern (almost).  A slightly flared skirt with front and back darts and an invisible zipper.

All have wide hems finished with a machine blind hem stitch.  The orange ones have a separate hem facing while the print ones are just folded.

More photos, including the skirts actually being worn, and notes )

I still need to alter this pattern a bit more.  3/8" to 5/8" needs to be trimmed from the CF all the way down, and maybe the waist could be a little higher to cover more of my pudge.

Two skirts

Oct. 4th, 2010 01:49 pm
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Two skirts made from almost the same pattern: a simple, flared shape with curved side seams and front and back darts. 


I made the purple linen blend one about a month ago. It has a straight hem which means that the side seams made a little corner. It is subtle but it bugs me; I only kept the hem straight because I wanted to have a wide cut-on hem facing and pressing up on a curve is too much of a pain.

The red skirt is very lightweight wool. It's the lightest wool I have ever worked with. I would say it's like gauze, but it is not crinkly. It's probably a little too light for this almost-tailored style, plus it wrinkles like crazy, but it's done now so oh well.

The red skirt's hem is cut on a curve and has a separate facing. It really doesn't look as puffy as this in real life.

I waffled for quite a while about the trim; I knew I wanted something on there to avoid having another super-plain skirt, but the fabric seemed too light to do much with. Finally I settled on a pinked ruche.

A couple more photos )
I am really digging this narrower, shorter, slightly flared style lately as opposed to the super-full, long skirts I made for so many years.


Jun. 19th, 2008 04:54 pm
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Two new skirts I finished today, both in cotton prints.


The dark one is five straight gores.  The light one is nearly straight with shaped side seams and darts.  It has owls (yay!) and I edged the pockets with teeny rick-rack.  I might put rick-rack on the hem, too, I haven't decided.

I love sewing summer clothes, they're so fast and satisfying.

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I confronted my fear of the bias and started working on trimming this thing yesterday.  I finished it up today.

I used my typical invisible side zipper and bias-faced waist.

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Yesterday a couple friends came over to sew.  I haven't had a sewing-with-friends day in so long!  I had so much fun, and having people in the room who are also sewing is really nice to keep one motivated.  I had forgotten what a good time sewing with company is.

I made a simple new summer skirt yesterday.  It's a really bright, loud cotton print of mulicolored dots on black.  I put two bias stripes at the hem in a almost neon green cotton.  This is probably my favorite skirt style to make and wear: 5 gores, all straight, all the same piece. It's easy to draft, I can sew it in a couple hours, and I think it's a really flattering shape. Smooth, flared, no darts, no fussy bits, and an invisible zipper in the CB.   I really like the way it turned out!  I am getting kind of tired of black and solid, drab colors all the time.

My bias strips got a little wrinkly, but I think it's more apparent in the photo than in person.  I really like the way they stiffen the hem and make it stand out. They didn't quite bring out the green in the print as mcuh as I had hoped, but I like the color combination anyway. 

I got another cotton print when I bought this one, it's a really bright pink paisley, and I think I'm going to make it into a skirt from the same pattern today, only with no stripes.
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