Apr. 8th, 2012 02:15 pm
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Done, really!

I am totally in love with this sweater.  It's the best one I have ever made.  I think that finally I have a handmade sweater that will get some wear!

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Apr. 3rd, 2012 12:30 pm
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Another "finished, but not quite finished" project!

I've done all the seams, placket, and neckband on my stripey sweater.  I've woven in all the ends.  Now I just need to get buttons and sew them on.  I found some in my stash that look nice, but they're just a little too small.  Since the sweater has some negative ease over the bust, I don't want to use small buttons that will just pop out of their holes under a slight strain.

All these undone projects are starting to annoy me.  They are cluttering up my sewing room and my brain.  Loose ends everywhere!

what doing?

Mar. 6th, 2012 12:34 pm
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Lately, in semi-list form:

1.) This week I made myself 3 new pairs of flannel pajama pants.  I've had the flannel for a few weeks and it seemed like an opportune time for a simple, practical, instant-gratification project.  It's nice to do 3 or more at a time, too, because it takes an hour or more to do one, but I can do 3 in 1.5 hours.  Part of that time is switching from sewing machine to serger.

I altered my pattern to have a higher rise and less fullness over the behind; seems like I am hiking my pants up to my armpits these days, but it's just what's comfortable for my current body shape.  But I forgot to buy extra fabric - instead of 2.5 yards I need more like 2.625, just to squeeze that extra length in.  I also laid out the pattern a little differently so I could end up with a more usable remnant.  I think I have enough to make some little pants or maybe shirts for F.

2.) After jammies, I set up the machine for quilting again.  This morning I got back to it and did about half a block.  It was fun, but it's probably going to take me a few days to really find the rhythm again.  I definitely want to finish it sometime in March, which I think is achievable, since before I set it down I was doing a block a day, or a block and a half or even two a day when I had a little more time.  25 days left in March / 17.5 blocks left?  Yeah.

3.) I finished all my striped sweater pieces and blocked them.  I'll start seaming today or tomorrow.  Then the placket, buttons, and neckband to knit and it's done!

4.) I started making some little silly hats.  I am planning to teach a class at Treadle this summer on the buckram and wire frame hat technique.  Since it needs to be accessible to advanced-beginners, I'll be teaching fascinators since they are smaller and less complex than a brimmed hat.  The pattern I drafted is a simple oval shape with darts to curve it over the head (I don't want to get into wet-molding the buckram in this class).  I've just done the frame, then I'll mull it, cover it with a simple fabric, bind the edges in patterned bias, and pile on some trimmings.  

I have no idea where I might wear a hat like this, except at work, but as I said, my interest in fascinators is purely incidental; they are a vehicle for the technique.

5.) Plans!! After all these, I have my Citron shawlette to knit, an old sweater to frog and re-do, and a spring dress I have promised myself I would prioritize. 
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Finished the back of my sweater, yeah!

I love the way it’s looking. In the skeins, the two colors really vibrate against each other, but knitted, because they are both semi-solid, they seem to blend much more.

The pattern is Twin Oaks and I’m using Dream in Color Classy, which is smooth and squishy and wonderful. I have the only project on Ravelry with this pattern, which I attribute to it being impossible to find. I ordered mine on the phone from Rosie’s Yarn Cellar.

I’ve cast on the front and I’m almost done with the ribbing. I brought it with me today when I took the kid to Tot Time – the open gym at the rec center for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Since I only had 1” of ribbing on the needles, and I was only using the one color, it was nice and portable. But once I start the stripes, it will not be quite so portable, so I think I might start my Citron now and try really hard to only work on it when I need a portable project, until I finish my sweater.

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