Mar. 30th, 2011 04:09 pm
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First of all, thanks for all the nice comments on my petticoat!  It's good to be doing costume things again.

I finished my Whisper cardigan!


Yes, that’s a heap of snow behind me. It’s really too cold out to be wearing this yet, but the light looks so nice outside!

A few more details are on my Ravelry page.

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I started on my Whisper a few days ago.  It took me 3 swatches to get gauge and then I started in with DPNs.  Usually I love my DPNs and have no problems using them, but I started getting ladders; normally I would just snug the corners a bit tighter, but since it's laceweight knit loosely on large needles, extra snugging up wasn't working.  So I decided to switch to circulars.

When I went to 3 Kittens, they didn't have any non-metal 12" circs in a sz 5 (metal hurts my hands!) but the employee offered up a 9" one.  9 inches!  I didn't even know they made them that short!  I took a risk and bought it.

It is teeny!  The needle part is only 1 1/4".  Holding them makes me feel like I am doing micro-surgery on dolls.  But after a few rounds, they are feeling better, and the laddering is no longer a problem.

I've got about 3" of sleeve now and the texture is looking really lovely.  When it's done, in spring, I propose [livejournal.com profile] undycat and I have a new-spring-cardigan-showing-off coffee date so we can sit out on the sidewalk tables and nibble elegant pastries and look fabulous.
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I finished the Coquille and it just needs blocking.  I'm pretty happy with it.  It is difficult to accept the weird color changes in the yarn, though; it doesn't seem to follow any repeating pattern.  Just when I thought it did, the sequence seemed to mirror-image and go back the other way, leaving a huge streak of one color in middle.  All 3 skeins I bought are like that, so it's probably not a manufacturing flaw.

Also, I think I need to play around with it after blocking to get the best idea of how to wear it.  I've never owned a shawlette before; do I just treat it like a scarf or should I wrap my shoulders like a shawl and just deal with it looking really tiny?  We'll see.

So I went on to the next thing: Whisper.  I swatched on a #7 and once I block the swatch I can probably dive into the knitting.  Which is good, because I've been project-less for two days and I am getting antsy.
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