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I kinda love this.

The "sew scary" thing is dumb, but I understand that they are trying to make it more Halloweeny. I would probably cut it off. And then it would be the perfect center for a little lap quilt to be under when I am sewing in front of the tv!
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Here is the jacket I made for work last week. The pattern is Butterick 6140.

lana bolito jackets (2)

The fabric is lana bolito, a boiled/felted wool and rayon blend. The pattern was designed for this fabric, or one very like it, and has raw edges everywhere since it doesn't fray.

I liked sewing this. The fabric is spongy and forgiving. The pattern is roomy so I sized way down, and I may still take it in a bit in back when I take it home. I cut a small in the bust and hip and an XS in the waist, whereas the chart would have put me on the high end of medium. But that's pretty much par for the course with big 4 patterns.

I can see wearing it in spring with bright turquoise and fuchsia, with a short pencil skirt and leggings and a big scarf.

I have another work project this week, a blouse in a Japanese cotton double gauze floral. This fabric is wonderful and amazing. So soft and pretty! The pattern is a pretty basic princess-seamed, button down shirt with a collar band and no collar. My vision here is something to wear under cardigans instead of a long-sleeved tee shirt. If it works I will make more, in soft light flannel and lawn.

Sewing for work can be a little stressful with the deadlines and the pressure to make things perfect, but it is a nice perk since everything for the project is free. And sometimes it lets me try styles or fabrics I normally wouldn't.
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Well, it took almost 2 months, but I finally finished and delivered my latest work display project. Huge phew!

It was fun, I'm glad I got to make it, but the timing was the worst and I have huge feelings of guilt for making it take so long.

Photos to follow. Sometime.
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The fabric store where I work, Treadle Yard Goods, is on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, a local fashionable shopping street that has emphasized small independent businesses for the last several decades.

There is currently a controversial proposal about parking meters on Grand that you can read about here.

I think meters are a terrible idea. People already complain constantly about parking being "a nightmare" on Grand, and I often have customers tell me they circled the block three times, or that the only reason they bothered stopping was they happened to see a spot out front. Then they go on to spend $100.

Our classes usually run about 3 hours. If students have to pay for parking too I think we will get fewer signups!

People might be fine paying meters for necessary things like doctors offices and banks, or even restaurants, but for the majority of non-essential businesses (as much as I hate to think of fabric as non-essential!) no way.

The only thing meters will do is divert shoppers away from independent, locally owned businesses and make them decide to go to the Mall of America instead.

I understand that the city needs money and I am totally willing to pay my taxes and support services, but there are better ways!
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Something for work!


Ok, that's not entirely accurate. It IS for Treadle, but I get to keep my displays when they are no longer needed, usually a couple months.

When I saw the printed corduroy with the foxes I just knew that F had to have pants made of it. I decided to do them as a display and the pattern I chose (New Look 6257) had a jacket too, so I thought why not? The jacket is made of lightweight wool flannel and lined in a cotton print. The collar in the pattern is stupid so I drafted a Peter Pan collar, using the tutorial here as a guide. I made covered buttons from the apple print.

The pants took an hour. The jacket I spent a few days on. It was pretty simple but I made a few silly mistakes and had to do a couple do-overs. Plus when I say "a few days," I really mean "an hour a day for three days," because I just can't seem to scrape together a nice long sewing session lately. It's all bits and pieces for me.

It is suddenly chilly here. 60s in the day and 40s-50s at night. So probably more autumn sewing like this will be on my agenda. I kind of want to make the same coat over again in a cotton twill or maybe a wide-wale corduory. And she definitely needs more pants!
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