Jul. 4th, 2016

elizabeth_mn: (seaside)
I had her try it on yesterday and it was so goshdarned cute I just couldn't even. It's less cute on the floor, but you get the general idea.

flowergirl (1)

It's off-white cotton eyelet with a sweet, simple pattern of circles and a nice scalloped border. I underlined the bodice with light cotton lawn and lined it with the same. Just a single lining of the lawn was too sheer. The skirt will also have a lawn lining, just one layer, gathered very full.

flowergirl (2)

I used a dirndl pattern for the bodice, Burda 9509. I cut a 4 chest and a 6 length. I eliminated the darts and instead took in the side seams very slightly. I didn't want to dart the eyelet and her shape is still so girlish anyway so darts really aren't necessary.

flowergirl (3)

For the skirt I just cut plain straight panels. She wanted the dress VERY long, so I used the full width of the fabric to make a skirt about 24". On her that's about ankle length. She was kinda sad about it not going all the way to the floor but I pointed out that she does have cute shoes with flowers on them and this way everyone can see them.

Left to do:
Add skirt lining
Put in zipper (invisible)
Hand finish inside lining at waist seam and zipper

I think there is going to be a sash and some kind of fake flower crown also. And I am still looking for a tiny white wicker basket for her to carry some fresh flowers in.
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