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I finished the baby hat for my niece and mailed it to her. I was so sure I took a picture of the finished hat but now I can't find it! Argh! Please believe it turned out super cute.

With some leftover yarn I agreed to make a hat for F's Lottie doll. it is by far the smallest and cutest thing I have ever knitted.

tiny hat (2)

tiny hat (1)

It was fun to make a small hat for a newborn baby and then follow it up with a miniature hat for a tiny doll!

I've been making a few other things here and there but nothing else got photographed. Trying to work on men's clothes the past month has been an utter fail. I am going to have to set my HB's projects aside for Costume Con prep. I feel massively guilty about this, but at least it feels better to be working on Girl stuff. I'm not being selfish if it's still for someone else, right? Just not the same someone else.
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This is my dollhouse.


Or it was my dollhouse.

I've had it in my basement for years, and I decided I would take it out and fix it up for my little girl. Her 4th birthday is in two weeks, so I did this as a sort of early birthday gift.

Here’s the story.

Where I get wordy and sentimental )

Here’s the next part: what I did.

There are a bajillion photos )

Frankly, she would have been happy with it old and dirty and moldy, or with a cardboard box, but I am so glad I did this, for me. It’s still rough, and definitely not Pinterest-worthy, but it’s mine and it’s my daughter’s and I love it.

I could have bought her a nice new dollhouse – it would have been nicer and cleaner and less work – but I’m so glad we have something that has a little connection to the past.
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I decided I needed to make a doll for my friend's housewarming.  She just bought a condo in a very modern, industrial loft space, and it's beautiful and awesome but really needs a few things to warm it up and make it softer and more organic.  (At least that's my opinion!)

So, a wool felt dolly was absolutely required.

dolly! 019

More! Back view and dolly nudity )

This pattern is the Tag-Along Doll from Wee Wonderfuls; the pattern comes with an apron with an open pocket you can tuck her into.  The dress I totally made up on my own.  It took some trial and error, especially the armhole curve; since she doesn't really have shoulders, it was a lot of guesswork.

F helped me sew this.  I still have some doubt about mommy/daughter sewing projects.  It's fun and she REALLY gets into it and wants to do everything with me, and I really want to be supportive and encourage her with sewing and also have a nice togetherness activity, but I also feel slightly uncomfortable with the invasion of my sacred sewing place.  But we did pretty well this time, although she's getting a little big to be sitting on my lap at the sewing machine, because I can't see over her head anymore.

Plus F had some questionable creative input (normal for a 3-year-old).  The pattern had the 2 pigtails on the sides, but she insisted they go on top of her head.  Her hair had to be red (ginger was the best I could do), her dress had to be green, and it also had to include fabrics from our fabric garland (which went up for about a week in the house for my b-day a couple weeks ago).

I was also afraid F would have a hard time letting her go, but since the doll was for Lainey, our babysitter and surrogate auntie and F's total BFF, it was fine.  She was so excited to give it to her!

I had so much fun making this that I want to get back to making more toys.  I really need to make all my costume-sewing deadlines FIRST, but if I do, it would be nice to have the diversion. 


Feb. 20th, 2011 03:36 pm
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I finished this doll!

The pattern is Patchwork Penny from Wee Wonderfuls. She’s designed to have a matching quilt, but I just made the doll. Other than that, I pretty much followed the pattern without changes.

Many more photos and construction notes )
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I've pieced all the triangles for the quilt.  Phew!  Doesn't look like a lot, but I've turned about 480 triangles into 192 squares.  Now I'm ready to assemble the blocks.

They are all a little wonky and not perfectly square at all, but I am trying not to let my inner perfectionist get annoyed.

I've also started a little doll from the Wee Wonderfuls book.  

I was all ready to finish her the other day, but after I embroidered the face, I dabbed a bit of water around the stitches to remove the marking pen, and the wool felt I used for the eyes bled all over!  I scrapped the face and tried to fix the felt (multiple washings, vinegar soak) but ended up just buying some new, non-bleeding poly felt when that failed.  I'll probably finish her tomorrow or the next day.
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Ok, I'm not a huge doll fan, but man, I really, really need to make one of these.

They're so cute and simple and I love wool felt.  Yeah, so what if my kid won't be old enough for dolls for a couple years.  I might just make one anyway.

Edit: more adorableness at the maker's blog.


Jan. 10th, 2008 10:43 am
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I've been spending all morning loafing (terrible, I know). I have this general habit of looking for sewing and craft projects on the internet and then just sticking the link in a folder, to be looked at later. Today is later. I've accumulated quite a list of projects that I want to do sometime. (You know, some time soon in some imaginary future.) These are some of today's favorites.

I think this sweater will be my next knitted sweater. Although, I'm also considering this empire-waisted sweater.

How could I not want one of these? It needs a smiley face, though.

Pretty gauntlets/wristwarmers.

These sad dolls are so cute, I need one. More here.

I saw The Golden Compass last weekend, and I really enjoyed the costumes. The knitwear, particularly. I saw this hat re-created from the movie, now I'm trying to figure out just how silly I would look in one.

My HB really wants a plush LED.

And of course, I can't resist candy.

Making lists of plans is so much easier than actually doing stuff, isn't it? 

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