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I totally scrapped the last mock-up and pattern and bought a couple new patterns for the coat. Yesteray I cut one of the patterns out and today I made the mockup. I used Butterick 4620, a nice, fitted, princess-seamed coat with classic lines.  I made a few changes: I sqaured the rounded collar and lapel, and, since some of the edges are meant to be left raw and frayed, I added seam allowances to a couple places so I could have a finished edge.

I don't know why I even bothered with that other pattern!  I think I used it because I already had it, and I only originally bought it because I was desparate, and I couldn't find the pattern I really wanted.  I am so against slanty darts from now on!

I think the mockup is looking pretty good, since I really didn't make any changes to the pattern before I made it.

There are still a few more tweaks I want to make before I jump into cutting the actual fabric, but I think this is progress!
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I spent a few hours today making shoulder pads for my suit.  I wanted really teeny ones, and nobody around here sells 1/4" ones, so I thought I'd better just make them!

Oh, btw, that is the skirt for the suit I'm wearing in the photos.  I think it turned out pretty nice.

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I started workng on my modern suit yesterday.  I finished the skirt, just a simple straight skirt with darts and an inivsible zipper (yay!). I used the same pattern I've been using for skirts for the past couple months so all my fitting issues were already taken care of.  I hemmed it with the machine blind hem stitch, which I only discovered about a year ago, but I love love love.  I don't know how I went through life without it before!

Today I'm working on the coat mockup and on finding pictures of koi fish for my quilt project, so I can copy shapes and details.  I think I might need to go to the local fancy quilting fabric shop to get some more koi-colored fabrics.
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